The 5 Most Popular Online Degrees

Online degrees are a popular choice of studying because they are practical and time efficient. This is why today you can study almost anything online.

As the job economy changes rapidly, low-skill jobs are at a decrease due to work process automation. Whereas high-skill jobs are continually increasing, thus a higher demand for online degrees in professions which have a growing demand rate.

However, there are a number of online degrees which are still very popular although the job growth rate is not so high for these professions.

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So, as well as getting an online degree in the field of work you enjoy the most, you should also consider the job growth rate.

31% Job growth rate
Nursing is one of the most popular online degrees for a few years already. The top nursing fields are Nursing Anesthetists and Nursing Practitioners. Anesthetists in US earn an average of $50 per hour.

Computer Science and IT Related Degrees
15% Job growth rate
Online degrees in fields such as Software Development, Web Development, IT Management and Database Administration are some of the most popular jobs according to the most recent research. The average job growth rate for these jobs is 15%, whereas a Computer System Analyst has a growth rate of 21% this year.

19% Job growth rate
Psychology is another in-demand degree which you can easily get online. There are a variety of sub-fields and jobs which require a psychology degree, some of the most popular being child psychology, neuropsychology, and forensic psychology. The average salary of a psychologist in the US is $72,580.

11% Job growth rate
Although not the most loved kind of job, accounting has an interesting job growth rate due to accessible and practical degree options in many different universities and schools. The average US salary for accountants is $67,190.

9% Job growth rate
Marketing is a multi-disciplinary field, thus the huge number of professions and specializations available for studying online. Some of the most popular jobs is Marketing Manager.

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Ready to get your online degree?
You might already know what kind of degree you’d like to get online. If you still haven’t made a final choice, this post should help you make a decision about advancing your education. Remember, although your top preference is the actual job you’d like to be doing, always keep in mind the job growth rate and the average salary.

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