Transitioning from College to Career

If you have been attending school for some time or you are entering back into the job market after performing some re-skilling, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start when transitioning from college into a career. We have put together some valuable tips that you can use for transitioning from school into a full time working career.

Social Media Pros and Cons: Your online presence can tell a lot about you especially during the hiring process. Before you finish up with schooling you should strongly consider the idea of cleaning up your social media accounts for any controversial posts, getting people to endorse you on LinkedIn as well as showcase some of your professional skills with highlighted photos and other content.

Networking is key to success in any industry.

Industry Knowledge: Sit on some boards if the opportunity comes up, subscribe to newsletters and regularly attend workshops and networking events within your industry to start making a difference and finding new opportunities. You never know when you could find a new opportunity to move up in your company or a brand new position at another company that could be your dream job.

Who is your Employer? : If an employer has excellent ratings and reviews online and a proven track record of creating careers for people in your field, they can be a fantastic resource to get started with. Checking into employer reputation as well as how much you can move up within the company based off of corporate structure can help you to see a path to continuously growing your career.

Keep reaching for success: if you are discouraged with some of the early days starting your career, remember that the first position that you start at within a company doesn’t have to be your last. By putting any effort you could quickly rise to the ranks of manager or discover opportunities in other businesses. Gaining experience early on could even give you the tools to start up your own company! Everything is a learning experience in your career and there’s no reason why the job you get directly out of college has to be the last position you ever get into.

Prepare socially: Moving into a career often doesn’t leave massive holes available in your social calendar. If you’re used to staying up late or regularly going out throughout the week, it could be time to start working on your sleep schedule before you start your new job or getting into a career.

Working to find a balance between work and your social life as well as finding your new availability will be important.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for transitioning from college into your career.

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