About Us

Who We Are

Access to education continues to evolve and provide opportunities for families and future generations. When one person makes the bold decision to commit to education, prosperity spreads to everyone that person interacts with. Learning is catalytic; it just takes a spark to get started! During your research, MyDegree intends to help sift through and find your best subject and program match. Our resources regarding funding your education and successfully completing the degree will support you along the way. A few simple questions and our experts in higher education aim to provide matched options for you to move forward with that critical next step.


Our Pledge

At MyDegree, we are committed to helping colleges and universities reach their enrollment goals by providing high-quality prospective students who ultimately convert to enrollments, starts, and graduations. We prioritize transparency and integrity in every aspect of our work, resulting in exceptional outcomes for our clients. Through constant enhancement of our proprietary technology and unwavering dedication, we deliver successful results for our partnerships.

Connect With Us

At MyDegree, our tightknit team based out of Oklahoma City, OK., partners with RevenueAds Performance Marketers and are supported by Qualfon Data Services Group, LLC. (13700 Oakland Avenue, Highland Park, MI. 48203) delivering high quality lead generation to our partners in education. All groups work from a perspective of data application and seek support from one another for growth over time. Growth means new relationships!

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