Military Benefits – The Process

United States military veterans have access to various benefits. Education & housing assistance along with separate benefits dependent on the state of residence. For some, veterans experience difficulties finding resources and/or accurate information.

A report from the National Survey of Veterans showed veterans from earlier periods of service had greater knowledge of VA health care benefits. WWII veterans were 25% while those serving between May 1975 and July 1990 was 16%. While younger veterans ages 18 to 30 are searching for VA training and education benefits (66%) more than older veterans (51.6%) and other selected groups (female veterans 24.6% and Hispanics 19.6%).

Military benefits are available to veterans with an honorable discharge from active service, so for those recently discharged as well as older veterans who have not utilized their benefits. The internet allows eligibility and application information easily accessible on the official website.

An important idea to keep in mind is when applying for military benefits, the process will take time. Be prepared for the process to take several weeks, many veterans are applying and additional personal information will be requested throughout the process. Follow the instructions carefully and prepare the requested documents before completing the application. Personal information such as a social, security number, bank account information and education and military history is required.

You can apply for benefits online or contact the 800 number for assistance. If you are confused regarding what benefits you are eligible for, go to eBenefits page and find your certified VA representative and schedule an appointment. You can review “The Applying for Benefits Webpage” which is an overview of eligible benefits and how to apply . Veteran’s must review state benefits programs as well. There are nine states that offer education assistance to veterans residing in certain states.

The GI Bill, a benefit which provides a variety of services and assistance in education, training and unemployment is available to both veterans and certain dependents.

This bill was recently updated by President Donald Trump signing the Forever GI Bill which removed the 15-year limitation of the Post 9/11 GI Bill that eliminated veterans discharged on or after January 1, 2013.

Benefits information is readily available on the official VA website, it is important for those eligible to research carefully, review federal and state websites to ensure they have all the information needed to make an informative decision.

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