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8 Online Courses to get jobs in the post-COVID-19 World

COVID-19 changed the landscape of the Eco-sociological world as we know it. We have faced a pandemic claiming life; survival was the main priority. However, due to some creative solutions and adaptability, the thirst for learning continued. As almost every field and profession has shifted to remote working and digital space. Online learning related to mindfulness, cyber security, and hybrid tech capabilities has flooded drastically. Whereas, some opted for advanced career shifts and find out ways to earn more by enrolling themselves in online courses to get jobs that flourished intensely during this period. 

Here we will discuss the domains and courses that become the latest and most demanding for job assurance to study online skilfully.


Nowadays, every profession converges on digital marketing. With its impactful online result, we can infer that it is the infancy of the most nurturing marketing field. Many online education platforms have offered numerous, versatile, and a wide range of courses to educate users in this particular field that gravitates many. Some are often free to get started right away to re-skill or up-skill your career paths.

Pandemic made the education system transport itself from physical reality to an online platform. Digital learning became the new normal, and online courses began to trend gradually. People were working from home, which saved time from the commute. Hence, there was ample free time to spend and make career shifts as freelancers. Therefore, many qualified individuals steer to digital marketing courses.

Digital Marketing courses mainly consist of video tutorials on everything from SEM, SEO, Web analytics and algorithm, Google Ads, social networks, video networks, mobile strategy, and social media marketing with job search assistance. Also, you can uncover countless online courses to get jobs about writing or blogging, content marketing, strategic planning, and social media marketing to pursue a career in the digital marketing stream.


If you can narrate the ideas in enthralling graphics and create messages visually gripped. You can find an online course that helps you succeed as a Graphic Designer. Thus, it is the most demanding online course disrupting many life scenarios. With the help of tools and software support, online instructors aid students learn to design and harmony to build their identity. Thus, Creativity is the key to success in acknowledging the innovation in graphics pictured perfectly to influence the outer world. Primarily graphic designing courses make you an expert in package designing, marketing advertising, environmental graphics, and web designing. Fanatic individuals help make logos, brand identities, and many other visual designing with their skills.


Among the most successful and trending courses, the top-ranking are entrepreneurship courses. They help people working on the ideas to introduce and develop great ventures. Hence, these courses aspire and put the vision significantly affecting economic growth accelerating personal growth to the next level. If you want to make a difference, choosing your type of idea into reality, keep looking for online Entrepreneurship courses. You will learn business management courses, handling financial downturns, anxiety management, resilience training, and stress management. Therefore, identifying opportunities for new startups, some of the related courses help you use tools and comprehend your potential customers and target markets.


Since you are looking for an online course that pays you well from the beginning of your career, then you must catch the online courses related to cyber security. It’s a field emerging with breakneck speed. The certified experts in this field have brighter chances to make $65,000 in their first appointment. However, annually $90,000 is estimated as the highest offered salary in tech hubs. Generally, they emphasize a thorough understanding of the design and analysis of secure systems.


With the devastating aftermath of COVID-19, some fields are high in demand. Software development courses are being opted for by more people among people who have chosen IT courses in the coming times. These individuals grasp knowledge related to programming, such as software/web development, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. In the United States, the yearly average earning estimated by Glassdoor for Application Developer is approximately $106,274. Therefore, befriending technology is the wise approach. 


In the research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care jobs will ascend to 16% in the coming decades. In addition, Nurse practitioners, Fitness coaches and counselors, Occupation therapists, and physical therapists are still high median jobs. Good charm for those who like to pursue a career as Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Physical Therapist Technician, or Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Also, there are still some traditional high-paying health care careers that you can study online and commence a new pathway.


Business Analytics has had its boom in the last few years and is achieved through statistical methods and technologies. Businesses can alter and neutralize their decision-making by analyzing historical data through the process of business analytics. If statistics and data handling appeal to you, then you can choose this course. Moreover, the business analytics course introduces data ecosystem tools and technologies such as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, etc. Also, it mentions two important frameworks like Spark and Hadoop. They are vital to carry out significant tasks. 


You often noticed system architects and sysadmin who provide an unbelievable relief to complex systems and server networks for organizations. However, many online courses offer to enhance your pursued skills, in IT and computer engineering. Additionally, they are highly responsible persons operating regular backups and planning new upgrades for IT infrastructures. Also, these courses give expert knowledge of automation tools securing data and disaster recovery protocols.

Mentioning these online courses to get jobs helps you consider varieties skills that can identify in-demand positions post COVID within reach of millions of job seekers around the world.

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