QuestBridge Scholarship Program

All About QuestBridge Scholarship Program

The power of education and affinity to learn more has evolved pupils from the stone age to this Tech era. The young minds of the United States are thoroughly in support by one of the best and most appealing scholarships to thrust the valued talent forwards and upwards. The famous QuestBridge scholarship program assures that the brightest minds of a new generation are supported and never confined by any boundaries.The prestigious Questbridge scholarship program is open to all underprivileged or low-income students in the US. They have made sure to lead the pathways for those who can not pay for their tertiary education. The QuestBridge National College partners with the 45 best colleges in the US to make studies manageable for needy ones.

QuestBridge partner colleges  

The state’s top institutes are associates of the QuestBridge Scholarship Program. Indeed, if your desired institute is on the list below then this scholarship might be your ticket to fortune.

Amherst College Denison University Swarthmore College
Barnard College Duke University Tufts University
Boston College Emory University University of Chicago
Boston University Grinnell College University of Notre Dame
Bowdoin College Hamilton College University of Pennsylvania
Brown University Haverford College University of Southern California
California Institute of Technology Macalester College University of Virginia
Carleton College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Vanderbilt University
Claremont McKenna College Northwestern University Vassar College
Colby College Oberlin College Washington and Lee University
Colgate University Pomona College Washington University in St. Louis
Colorado College Princeton University Wellesley College
Columbia University Rice University Wesleyan University
Dartmouth College Scripps College Williams College
Davidson College Stanford University Yale University


How to proceed QuestBridge Scholarship Program?  

The simple procedure initiates with the National College Match. Any keen learner striving for a need-based scholarship listed colleges by QuestBridge can get the National College match. An applicant would rank 10-12 colleges (affiliated with QuestBridge) as per their choices and interests. However, final candidates who match in any of the ranked colleges will be aided with full financial support for receiving the education they deserve. The finalists join the community of the fortunate QuestBridge scholars on campus. Whereas, National College Match scholarship Programs also don’t ask for any financial contribution from parents and students in a form of a Loan.

How To Apply in QuestBridge Scholarship Program? 

Although, the application method is quite simple but worthwhile to follow. A step-by-step guide is discussed below where you will see all you need to know for lodging application for the QuestBridge Scholarship. 

  • QuestBridge Financial Eligibility Check

The first step is to know your QuestBridge financial eligibility profiled as a low-income student. According to QuestBridge, deserving students are those who are entitled to get free lunch at the academy or belong to a family of four people with an annual turnover of less than $65,000. 

  • QuestBridge Academic Eligibility 

The second step is to comprehend your QuestBridge educational eligibility. Therefore, it is a competitive scholarship that has no declared cut-off. However, in most cases students with impressive As and Bs in their coursework are more likely to make it to the final candidate’s list.  

  •  Completion of the QuestBridge Application 

Next and the most crucial part is the QuestBridge application form. The candidate must complete their application in a manner that stands out from the rest. However, to fulfil the requirement of the QuestBridge application, you need to know six main pre-requisites : 

  1. The National College Match Application; comprises two essays and short answer questions.
  2. Letters of recommendation: at least two are required
  3. School counselor report: High school report must be attached
  4. School profile: A report/ profile from your high school counselor also be enclosed with your application. Whereas, it is optional but recommended.
  5. The high school transcript must be attached 
  6. The standardized test scores do matter but are not mandatory by partner colleges

Fortunately, QuestBridge helps interested applicants in all ways. Also, the QuestBridge resources like AskQB, QuestTips, and QuestCasts are helpful throughout the process. Moreover, you can unravel queries and eliminate all complications related to the submission and application with the help of these reliable resources.

  • Submit The Match Agreement Form 

Furthermore, when you have completed and submitted your application with all the required documents, you can finally rank the colleges you have daydreamed about. Based upon your preference, you may rank colleges from 1-10 or 1-12 from the QuestBridge members list. Therefore, after the completion of the match rankings, complete and submit the match agreement form and wait for your call.  

  • The Finalist Notification 

 The fateful applicants are finalists and will be notified officially in late October. After this step, you will be asked to visit all your favorite colleges/universities you ranked and drop your match requirements and some additional information demanded by the college. 

  •  The Match Decision 

Lastly, all these activities get resolved on the match decisions that would be held every year in December. Selected finalists will receive emails from QuestBridge. The fateful students will be informed if they are matched with any one of their ranked colleges or not. After this, the students selected will be brought in and given a full ride to their matched college.   


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