benefits of nursing career

Awesome Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing

benefits of nursing career

nursing – an awesome career path

Nursing is a noble profession to pursue. Its Pretty much has the duties important as doctor’s  but a step lower because doctors have the experience and specialised degrees. As far as the history of nursing is concerned, the roots of nursing go back to the early Roman Empire Era and the Middle Ages. Over the passage of time, the profession became more a highly rewarding profession. Today, it has become a competitive niche in the medical market creating countless opportunities for the world. So what are the advantages or key benefits of choosing nursing as career path? Here are a few to assist you become a registered nurse.

Benefit # 1: There’s Currently a Shortage of Nurses in the Market 

The best thing about being a nurse is that there’s currently a shortage of nurses in the market. The rising pandemic has taken a significant toll on the people and has claimed countless lives around the world. The lives lost also include nurses and doctors alike. Today, lots of hospitals, clinics & medical centres throughout the world are seeking qualified nursing staff to join their ranks. If you choose this career path, not only will it be highly rewarding but you won’t have to face much of a competition.

Benefit # 2: The Job Outlook Is Magnificent!

By 2020, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says there will be 1,052,000 new openings for Registered Nurses which means an additional 523,000 new jobs. In addition, due to the Baby Boomer generation who are reaching retirement age and the Millennial generation who have taken up nursing as a profession, it’s obvious that there is going to be an increased demand for trained nurses in all areas of medicine.

Benefit # 3: There’s Always Flexibility in the Job of a Certified Nurse 

Another benefit of a career in nursing is there’s always flexibility in the job. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses have more growth opportunities with their jobs than other professionals. Due to the duty structure of being a nurse, you can be very flexible about your time and place where you work. Yes, you should be ready to serve 24/7 especially on an emergency basis but it’s still flexible enough for your other duties like family and community obligations.

Benefit # 4: It Pays Well Especially If You Are an Experienced Registered Nurse

Nurses are well regarded by society because they take care of people who need help the most, including infants, children and older adults. This is one reason why the job pays well. In fact, the median salary for a registered nurse is around $66,640 per year and it’s expected to grow to about $73,540 by 2022. The growth rate of nursing is higher than average which means you can expect a good income as a nurse.

Benefit # 5: It’s an Exciting Career Opportunity Where You Can Make a Difference!

One thing that you will notice when you become a nurse is that your heart will be filled with pride. The nurses are making a positive difference in people’s lives. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you have saved someone’s life. Feeling content by serving and taking pride in your work. Nursing is not only a profession but also a way to fill your soul with gratification.

Benefit # 6: You Can upgrade your degree and become a Nurse Manager

The average nurse manager usually earns at least $97,000 per year. Nurses often spend about 3 to 5 years in clinical nursing before they become effective managers. To become a nurse manager it’s better to take up an RN-to-BSN degree or higher. Also, you can skip this step and improve your salary right away by around $20,000 annually than for someone who just graduated as a licensed nurse.

Benefit # 7: There’s Never a Dull Moment in the Career of a Registered Nurse

The main reason why nurses are never bored is that they are constantly learning. They are always upgrading their knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest medical trends. Complete awareness and knowledge of technologies, procedures and guidelines help them provide better care for their patients. There is always something new in this career field so you will never become bored especially if you have an open

Nursing – a Noble Profession

Do you know that those who are nurses have the highest degree of job satisfaction compared to those in any other profession?

Nurses play an essential role in society. Most people with college degrees would find nursing as one of the most fulfilling careers. The main reason why is because they can help and save lives by providing care for patients. Not Only this, there’s a huge demand for nurses all over the world with several other benefits and opportunities .

All these benefits and opportunities will definitely encourage you to become a nurse with your eyes wide open! Undoubtedly, there are countless benefits of being a nurse which makes it one of the most sought after professions nowadays. 

So why not choose this profession as a noble career path? 

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