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10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Nursing

Career in Nursing

The year 2020 was no less than a crisis for people around the world. Covid-19, with all its force, attacked and shattered economies. Front line workers that include medical professionals and nurses, the knights in shining armor, fought the pandemic with dedication. Pictures of exhausted doctors and nurses were being posted, wearing protective gear for hours, drenched in sweat, and became viral over social media. The immense amount of contribution provided by the nurses during the ongoing pandemic is unimaginable, which led us to pursue career in nursing. Even though the profession of nursing is usually undermined, the global pandemic proved the significance of nursing education. People began realizing the crucial role that nurses are playing in the medical world as well as within society.

According to the  World Health Organization (WHO), there are around 28 million practicing nurses only, this number is short of what the world actually needs. As the population continues to thrive, there is a 5.9 million shortage of nurses in the world. People looking to pursue a career in nursing need to instill certain attributes such as a strong desire to help people. Now is a great time to go for it. Nursing is a highly regarded and respected profession and continues to grow in demand.

Here are some more reasons that can motivate people to become nurses:

10 Reasons To Pursue a Career In Nursing

  1. Create a Positive Impact

Before pursuing a career in nursing, one needs to ask themselves whether they would want to do this to help people and create a positive impact upon society. Nurses continue to break headlines and create lasting impact by the way they care for their patients. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of nurses and how people take them for granted. These unsung heroes work endlessly to protect and care for their patients.

  1. Increased demand for nurses

Becoming a nurse would mean always being in demand. Because their work is difficult, it makes them immensely valuable. A shortage in the supply of nurses creates more demand for them. This means that there are ample opportunities for nurses in 2021 and higher demand means higher salaries for nurses as well. Moreover, LinkedIn mentioned nursing as the most demanded profession in the year 2021.

  1. Challenging work

People mostly prefer a career that excites and challenges them at the same time. For your information, nursing is a profession that would keep you on your toes constantly. Running around all day attending and taking care of patients. Working together with a dedicated team of health care doctors and workers is something that would allow you to learn more and groom yourself.

  1. Development Opportunities

Being a nurse means there is minimal screen time and monotonous work. There is always something new in store for nurses every single day. Thus, keeping the motivation alive. Plenty of professional development opportunities and on job training helps nurses grow in their respective careers. There are also multiple career options available for even nurses such as nurses, educators, anesthetists, and practitioners, etc.

  1. Multiple environments

Nurses are not bound to a hospital and corporate clinic. On the contrary to what is popularly believed about nurses, there are innumerable places that nurses can work. Apart from corporate clinics and hospitals, nurses can opt for schools or nursing care facilities.

Looking for some adventure, travel nursing, emergency flight nursing and cruise nursing options are also available. These are just some of the options that have been stated, further research would allow people to see an array of choices to choose from.

  1. Increased flexibility

People usually believe that nurses have a flexible schedule. Even though it is true, that flexibility is not limited to just schedule. Nurses have the advantage of location flexibility as well and another reason why people want to build a future in nursing. Moreover, nurses are able to work from various locations from the doctor’s office to emergency flights etc. All those who prefer moving from one place to another, travel nursing is a great option. These nurses fill in staffing needs and move from one clinic to another and often are paid well.

  1. Interesting Specializations

Yes, there are a plethora of healthcare careers to choose from. However, most of those careers allow one to specialize in just one particular path. This becomes difficult for all those who are not sure about what kind of career they are looking for. Nursing is a profession that offers people a variety of different paths to choose from. There is a range of specialties which include cardiology, family care, addiction, and gerontology. Each of these requires different skill sets and responsibilities. This then allows people to find roles that suit their respective strengths.

  1. Nurses will always be in demand

Whether the current pandemic stays or ends, nurses will always be in demand. Why? This is because there will always be people who are sick and need nurses to take care of. The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlighted the fact that there will be a shortage of around 800,000 nurses in 2020 and this figure continues to increase. As health care facilities improve, so does life expectancy around the globe. Therefore, this means increased demand for staff to support it. Health care facilities are constantly looking for nurses to work for them.

  1. a Career in nursing: A Respected Profession

Pursuing a future in nursing means that it will be a profession that one can be proud of. Even though this profession is not given enough credit that it deserves, it is highly respected. If people want to do an honest man’s work every day and feel satisfied and happy, then go for a career in nursing.

  1. Make a difference

Doctors normally check your injury and treat them by prescribing you medicine. Nurses, on the other hand, have roles beyond just prescriptions. They not only take care of their patients but also provide them with comfort and compassion. As a nurse, you will have the ability to improve somebody’s life and leave a positive mark on them every single day.

 Final Words

These are some of the main beneficial reasons why one should pursue a career in nursing. However, nursing is a challenging profession. Thus, anyone planning to step into this world should be mentally and physically prepared for it.

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