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The Top 10 Cheapest Online DNP Programs

cheapest online dnp programsAn online Doctor of Nursing Program (DNP) is a chance to develop advanced clinical skills to further your nursing career. Finding an online DNP program lets you manage your studies while keeping up with your current work schedule. Because further education in healthcare can be expensive, finding the cheapest online DNP program at an accredited college makes sense.

The annual cost for tuition and fees to earn an online doctorate in nursing is between $4,000 and $9,000. Also, colleges offer various majors in their doctoral degree programs. Some are general degrees to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice. In contrast, other schools offer specific majors in a narrow field of healthcare.

So, apart from finding the cheapest school offering online DNP programs, you should find out the type of courses on offer.

This article looks at the top ten cheapest DNP programs that you can study online. As well as the cost of tuition and fees, you will also find out the school’s reputation and graduation prospects.

What is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)?

The DNP is for nurses to train their skills in providing quality care in a clinical nursing setting. A DNP is a terminal degree and builds upon previous experience and knowledge in nursing. The advanced nursing doctorate courses focus on quality improvement, leadership, and evidence-based practice.

Graduating with an online DNP degree represents a significant boost in your career. Nurses with a DNP degree can treat and diagnose illnesses, advise on chronic diseases, and manage patients’ care. Nurses with a doctoral degree work at the highest positions in all aspects of clinical nursing.

Why Find an Online DNP Program?

Taking an online DNP program puts you at the top in the field of nursing. A DNP prepares you to take on more responsibility, increase your nursing skills, and help you take on leadership roles. This makes you more competitive in the job market.

But, if you’re already busy, juggling work and many responsibilities, the thought of three years of college may seem too time-consuming. However, finding a cheap online DNP program makes getting a doctorate nursing degree a real possibility—not to mention affordable.

The Cheapest Online DNP Programs

Now that getting a doctoral degree in nursing is possible, where are the cheapest schools to enroll in a DNP program? We have examined the top ten schools offering affordable DNP programs. You will find the cost of each school, as well as its reputation and courses on offer.

1. Missouri State University Springfield — The Cheapest Online DNP Program

The online DNP program offered by Missouri State University (MSU) is one of the cheapest. The school offers online post-master’s DNP courses as well as BSN to DNP courses. The hybrid nursing training programs also allow students to get clinical experience on-campus or in affiliated clinics. MSU offers doctorate nursing degrees for aspiring leaders. The school boasts a pass rate of 100% for DNP graduates sitting the Family Nurse Practitioner exam.

Minimum cost of tuition: $9,425.

2. Fort Hays State University Cheap Online DNP Program

Another school offering cheap online DNP programs is Fort Hays State University (FHSU). Many nursing graduates choose FHSU for online learning as it ranks in the top colleges for online graduate nursing degrees. An advantage of FHSU’s online DNP programs is that you only need to visit the campus once a year. Fort Hays also offers various financial aid packages and scholarships for online students. It’s important to note that there may be additional fees to pay, depending on the DNP courses you take.

Minimum cost of tuition: $12,000.

3. Delta State University Online DNP Courses

Delta State University offers affordable online Doctor of Nursing Practitioner programs. Doctoral nursing education at the school prepares leaders in the nursing profession. There several DNP courses on offer for nurses. An advantage of getting your online nursing doctorate at Delta State University is that the program is flexible and offers full-time and part-time learning. In addition to the minimum tuition cost, additional courses may incur extra fees.

Minimum cost of tuition: $12,927.

4. Wichita State University Affordable Online DNP Program

Wichita State University offers post-master’s DNP online courses to graduate with a doctoral degree in nursing. The school’s tuition and fees are the same for in-state and out-state students. However, it’s good to check the costs for some courses as they have limited online learning. This accredited school is one of the most popular for getting an online DNP degree. In 2020, it was voted as the most affordable online DNP degree.

Minimum cost of tuition: $14,817

5. University of Alabama at Huntsville

The University of Alabama provides many online courses in DNP specialties. With their online courses, tuition and fees cost the same for in-state and out-state students. But it’s important to note that hybrid learning requires some on-campus time. The affordable online DNP program is flexible and is suitable for full-time and part-time students.

Minimum cost of tuition: $17,040.

6. University of Missouri

Distance tuition in the BSN to DNP program at the University of Missouri is a popular choice with nursing graduates. The school offers a wide range of courses to earn a Doctor of Nursing degree. From all the universities offering affordable online DNP education, the University of Missouri has the greatest range of courses. Doctoral graduates highly recommend the quality of teaching on offer.

Minimum cost of tuition: $17,476.

7. Arkansas State University Online DNP Programs

Arkansas State University offers many of its DNP courses online. Before each semester, students are expected to attend campus. Although this school doesn’t provide the cheapest online DNP program, it offers a wide range of courses thanks to its affiliation with various centers, clinics, and research institutions. Coursework covers ethics, leadership, research, genetics, and finance.

Minimum cost of tuition: $18,040.

8. Murray State University

One reason many nurses with a BSN choose Murray State University is due to its quality of education. This school offers 100% online learning, with no on-campus learning. There are also hybrid DNP programs with a combination of remote and on-campus instruction. DNP graduates at Murray State University boast an impressive 100% pass rate on the FNP exam, and there is also a 100% employment rate for graduates with a doctoral nursing degree.

Minimum cost of tuition: $19,000 plus a semester fee.

9. Briar Cliff University

The private Briar Cliff University isn’t the cheapest school offering DNP programs, but it’s one of the best. You can complete your DNP with 100% remote learning and earn your doctorate nursing degree within two years.

Minimum cost of tuition: $21,060.

10. University of Southern Mississippi Online DNP Program

This online DNP program at the University of Southern Mississippi is a solid choice to earn your doctoral nursing degree. Graduates at the school boast a 100% pass rate on certification exams. Additionally, you can achieve your DNP degree within five semesters—ideal if you want to earn your degree in a short space of time. As with all universities offering cheap online DNP programs, it’s best to check about extra costs included with the basic tuition fees.

Minimum cost of tuition: $21,288.

Finding the Cheapest Online DNP Program

Graduating with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is the best way to rise to the top in your nursing career. The cheapest online DNP programs offer nursing graduates affordable ways to earn a doctoral degree. Besides building on your existing nursing expertise, knowledge, and skills, a DNP degree teaches you leadership in the nursing profession.

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