10 Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Nursing was considered a menial job until the mid-19th century. But that was when Florence Nightingale left her life of luxury and royalty to defy society and served as a nurse in 1854 during the Crimean War. The purpose of highlighting this particular historical event is to bring to light the importance of nurses. Before the ‘lady with the lamp,’ nobody had dared to highlight what this profession means to society.

Now, nursing is one of the most well-paid and sought for jobs. And that’s not only because of its abundant personal benefits but also due to its vital role in society. With high job satisfaction rates and fair work conditions, a recent survey concludes that 83% of nurses are content with their career choice.

So, if you’re thinking of stepping in, here are a few considerable reasons that you should choose nursing as a career:

Nurses Are an Indispensable Asset to the Healthcare Industry

Nurses, now more than ever, are proving their importance in the healthcare industry. The pandemic is highlighting the essential nature of their work. Even in the time before COVID-19, nurses were vital players in taking care of and monitoring patient health. Besides that, the guidance of experienced nurses can be invaluable for residents-in-training.

Nursing Programs Are Easily Available Everywhere

Unlike many career options, like architecture or cosmetology, nursing is a profession that has many credible courses and programs offered in universities all over the country. This makes studying to become a nurse even more convenient. Additionally, NCES considers nursing to be one of the most popular areas of study.

Online Education Is a Viable Option for Nursing

The fact that students can attend online nursing programs gives the occupation an edge. It is beneficial for students who are juggling with a part-time job or supporting their family. Additionally, this rids them of the hassle to enroll in traditional teaching programs and commute to attend class.

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Nursing Is a Stable Profession

You cannot deny that nurses will always be in demand. There is a probable 15% growth in the next decade, which is higher than the average. Since it’s highly unlikely that nurses would be out of a job soon, this makes nursing a competitive line of work. Also keep in mind that to be successful, nurses are always learning and updating their professional knowledgebase. Even so, it is also one profession that provides you with a stable source of income.

Nurses Easily Qualify For Student Forgiveness Loans

Many employers and administrations provide lenient and effective student loan forgiveness plans to nurses. In some cases, nurses receive 100% funding for their higher education studies. In exchange for the funding, the students must offer their services for a certain period in an underdeveloped or affected area after graduation.

Nursing Skills Are Applicable Outside the Workplace As Well

Did you know 69 million individuals become victims of TBI every year? As a nurse, you can put your skills to use even outside work by helping out a family member suffering from the disease. Other than that, nurses can provide on-the-spot medical advice and respond to medical emergencies efficiently.

Nursing Connects You with People on a Personal Level

Doctors often limit their interactions with people, so they can successfully heal their patient. On the other hand, nurses spend time taking care of the latter. That not only includes checking vitals and giving medicines on time but also looking after your patient’s comfort and satisfaction. For this reason, they form long-lasting bonds with their patients, which is a reward in itself.

Nurses Have the Opportunity to Work with People of Different Professions

Coupled with plenty of exciting and learning experiences are the interactions many nurses will experience with influential and important personalities. This often broadens your prospects and social connections.

Aside from that, it teaches you a lot about the working environment that may or may not be related to your field. The interactive nature of the job helps you collaborate and work cooperatively with all kinds of professionals. That’s a soft skill that is always in demand regardless of the field you end up in.

The Field Provides Great Job Flexibility

Like doctors, Registered Nurses can also choose their field of specialization. For example, they might like working with infants as midwives or prefer to become nurse anesthesiologists.

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Other than that, nurses receive promotions based on their level of education and advanced degrees. Having said that, nurses can also travel because the NLC permits practice in at least 34 states under one license.

Nursing Can Be a Good Way to Develop Leadership Qualities

As an experienced nurse, you can also opt for supervisory and head nursing positions. Remember, though, these roles are very different from being an RN. You’d get to address the more technical aspects of nursing, like appointing young nurses, coordinating with other departments, etc. Supervising positions are often available to BSN degree holders.

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In short, excellent job satisfaction, high salaries, flexible and convenient hours, and numerous learning opportunities highlight nursing as a fruitful and rewarding job.

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Moreover, a nurse should also do justice to their job. This includes not only fulfilling the ethical formalities but also working with passion and dedication. Many lives depend on a nurse’s skill set. In brief, as a nurse, your innate ambition to work should drive you. Only then will you fully succeed. For this reason, a nurse must acquire/possess some must-have qualities.

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That being said, nursing remains one of the top career options, and you can see why. However, there’s a lot more to this field than we can include in just one article. Our site offers further information regarding courses, advice, financial assistance, or career scope. Make the best of them!

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