8 Online Degrees in Science that You Can Turn into a Career

You may think you don’t have many choices when it comes to choosing a career with online degrees in science. So, why obtain one? The jobs we mention below might change your mind:

Associate’s Online Degrees in Dental Hygiene

Consider yourself as an insurance agent who assists people in preventative healthcare. As a dental hygienist, your job will involve caring for your patients’ teeth, such as by cleaning them to remove tartar, stains, and plaque. Besides that, you’d also be educating your patients on various topics of maintaining their dental health. You may choose to work alongside dentists as most dental hygienists in the US do.

The American Dental Hygienists Association recognizes about 330 or more dental hygiene programs being offered in the US. Many of them offer online degrees. For practicing, you must obtain a state-specific license. In most places, though, graduating from an associate’s accredited program is sufficient to become a dental hygienist. Afterward, you sit for the written and practical exam that gets you your certification.

Just as students from most fields in science do, you can also choose to further your qualifications. Therefore, obtaining a bachelor’s and later on, a master’s degree is always possible. Dental hygienists can look forward to earning $74,820.

Associate’s Degree in Nutrition Science

Think of this as the fun and interesting side of science. As a would-be associate, you will learn about nutrition, wellness, and health – with a generous dose of biochemistry thrown in. The main objective of your professors when training you in nutrition science is to help you learn how physics and biology affect the human body. Thus, you will study about getting nutrients and metabolism, among other things. You’ll leave your online school an expert on subjects like creating meal plans for people. Furthermore, you can land a job at a private clinic, hospital, school, and public health center.

With an associate’s degree, you can easily obtain an entry-level job. But if you want more than just to familiarize yourself with the nutrition field, such as a strong foundation in nutrition principles, you must go for a Bachelor’s. The latter also prepares you for obtaining a nutritionist license.

Nutrition scientists can earn up to $60,370.

Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

This qualification can lead you to a lucrative career. That’s because it is one of the best choices among bachelor’s degrees for someone who wants to earn money! As a profession, a pharmacist dispenses medication to patients. Thus, they must keep the doctors’ instructions in mind when doing so and inform the patients of the right dosage and correct use.

Pharmacists are part of hospitals, independent pharmacies, and even large box stores like Target and Walgreens. You could earn $120,616 as a pharmacist with a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Online Degrees in International Public Health (BIPH)

A Bachelor of International Public Health makes you a member of the public health workforce on a global scale. Thus, you can join others in strengthening and building public health measures. You will also get a healthy dose of matters of comparative and indigenous health systems. Consequently, you can help shape global health policy and improve it. You will also be eligible for careers in other related fields, such as systems thinking, community-based care, and data and informatics.

Suitable careers that you can opt for after the completion of your degree include those of community health workers with salaries amounting to $38,370. Your role would be to act as a liaison between the healthcare system and the people who need/use it. Or, you can also become a clinical research coordinator. They earn $118,970. These coordinators are in charge of running clinical trials in compliance with the relevant standards.

Master of Science Online Degrees in Genetics/Genetic Counselling

Relatively, the field of genetic counseling is new. However, that isn’t to say that it isn’t important. Ever since the average person realized that there could be diseases that they might inherit due to their genetic makeup, they’re quite interested in genetic counseling. Genetic counselors can become a part of the staff at hospitals, laboratories, university medical centers, and physician’s offices.

The good thing about this field is that there aren’t many counselors who can help them find answers to their questions about their family’s health.  So, the scene is set for you to leave your own mark on it – once you complete your studies.

Regarding what you’ll need to study to get into genetic counseling, begin with a bachelor’s degree in a health science-related topic. Your subsequent pick should be a master of science program in either genetics or genetic counseling. On graduating, you can apply to get the certification from the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

As a genetic counselor, you stand to earn a median salary of $80,379.

Master of Science in Nursing

As a large proportion of the American populace is entering the elderly demographic, society will have need of more nurses. Moreover, many registered nurses are also leaving the workforce on retirement. These facts make a master’s of science in nursing one of the best degrees in the near future. The younger generation can earn this degree and help fill an existing massive deficit of nurses.

With it, an individual acquires advanced skills in this field as the name suggests, i.e., Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN). Moreover, you may choose to work in a variety of roles, including nurses, anesthetists, and midwives, with this qualification.

However, keep in mind that you cannot enroll in a master’s program for APRNs without obtaining a bachelor’s degree first. You may choose any related health science area to graduate from – we’d recommend nursing. Your next step would be to pass a licensing exam and then completing the master’s degree program. After that, you become a registered nurse. What’s more, later, there’s also room for students to continue their education and obtain a doctorate in nursing.

Last year’s median salary for APRNs was $107,030. The surprisingly widely ranging arena of science degrees offers a great variety. Not every student starts with money as their primary motivation for choosing a certain career. However, with our selection above, you can likely say goodbye to your financial issues and help out your community! Contact us for more ideas.

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