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Computer Science Degree Jobs that Pay the Highest Salaries

If you have a degree in Computer Science, there is a wide range of financially awarding roles you can choose from. Below, we give a list of six top-paying jobs in the field of Computer Science. Keep in mind that the salaries for some roles may vary by experience level, industry, location, and demands of the employers.

1.     Systems Engineer

This role is usually referred to as a Computer Systems Analyst. It includes the responsibilities that may be similar to that of an IT Project Manager, such as the upgrade of computer systems or running installations. Typically, in this job, you will have to analyze an organization’s procedures and computer systems. Moreover, you will interact with vendors and programmers to make recommendations for process improvement.

For this job, the educational background might be technical. However, System Engineer is more of an analytical role than technical. It is focused on the business aspects of technology that include analyzing its impact on employees, the cost of system changes, and potential project timelines. System Engineers or Analysts will also have to communicate with department managers on IT requirements. They are responsible for incorporating feedback from both external and internal users into business requirements documents.  Moreover, they have to contribute to technical conditions, get feedback from designers, and advise technical teams on their technology’s role in the corporation. The average salary is $86K.

2.     From Computer Science to Business Systems Analyst

A Business Systems Analyst is another great career option for Computer Science graduates. This job requires expertise in specific computer systems. Typically, this role is business focused and demands analytical skills. Moreover, you need to have an understanding of technical reporting and documentation procedures and computer systems for this job. Generally, employers would want you to understand the UML (Unified Modeling Language), SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and other technical skills and concepts In addition to that, the Business System Analyst role has optional certifications that can bring more benefits and opportunities to the job. The average salary for this job ranges from $88K per year.

3.     IT Auditor

IT Auditor is another reputable and well-paid job for Computer Science graduates. You will be responsible for collecting information regarding the overall accounting, practices, operations, and controls within organizations and firms. IT auditors also ensure that corporations fulfill the governmental and organizational regulations to secure records and data. They have to evaluate the financial, business, and physical controls as well.

Moreover, IT auditors scrutinize computer networks to disclose issues like fraud, mismanagement, and inefficiency. They devise means for an improved user interface, security, and processing capacities.

You can become an IT auditor if you have a master’s degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, or Information Technology Management. You may also get the job if you complete the certified information systems auditor credentialing and certified public accountant programs. IT auditors have an average yearly salary of $99,000.

4.     Software Engineer in Computer Science

Software Engineer or developer is another top paid position for Computer Science graduates. You will need to have a command on skills like the upgrade and development of computer systems. Moreover, you will interact with the system and data security staff to describe the methods necessary for them to follow. This role also includes developing, designing, and testing software when needed. The average salary for the Software Engineer role is $107K.

5.     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Analyst

An ERP business analyst’s job is to focus on “back office” performance in an organization. They deal with several aspects, such as management, CRM, sales, and accounting.

If you want to become an ERP analyst, you’d need to know typical business uses of ERP software. In addition to that, you must know how to interact with stakeholders to collect information and analyze business processes.

You may also have to incorporate the company’s needs to configure ERP software. Moreover, the role can include interacting with programmers and developers to create a reporting environment. This role typically demands experience with a specific ERP solution. You may earn an average of $71K yearly with this job.

6.     From Computer Science to Technical Engineer or Pre-Sales Engineer

Pre-Sales Technical Engineer is a product advocate who deals with the internal sales staff. They may also offer technical consulting to potential clients before a sale. Pre-Sales Technical Engineers give product demonstrations to potential customers as well as the sales staff. They handle the technical aspects of RFPs or RFIs (Requests for Proposal or Requests for Information).

Therefore, the ability to interact with customers, non-technical, and technical staff is essential. It is especially useful for passing on customer needs to Product Managers. This kind of role requires a good level of technical knowledge. The average salary for this job is $106K.

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