Architecture Degree: Here’s An All-Inclusive Career Outlook For You

If you have an architecture degree, Architectural History, Math, Geology, and computer-aided designs (CAD) must have been part of your coursework. In this article, we will discuss an outlook of the career, salary, and job information for architectural graduates.

With an architecture degree, you can pursue your career as an architect, a regional or urban planner, and a landscape architect. Architects focus on designs for structures and buildings, whereas landscape architects work on designing outdoor areas. On the other side, regional and urban planners have to control the placement of roads, houses, transit systems, and industrial areas.

Requirements for Architectural Jobs

For getting architectural jobs, you’ll require a bachelor’s degree after completing a five-year program. In addition to that, the requirements may also include state licensure. However, that varies from state to state. Professional Certification may also be a requirement in some places.

Career Opportunities

Architecture students are analytical, creative, and experts at using computer software. Moreover, they can visually execute and conceptualize a plan for development. Below, we discuss their career options in detail.


Architects’ job is to work on designing structures and buildings according to client requirements. They have to consider issues, such as the topography, location of the buildings, and their surrounding structural styles, etc. In addition to that, they must make quotes about labor costs, material, and time.

Certification and Salary Outlook for an Architecture Degree Major

For continuing your career as an architect, you can get the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards voluntary certification. You will have to complete the Intern Development Program requirements first. Then, you can earn a passing score on the ARE and get a state license. This Certification can make it easier to earn mutual benefits for architect licensing between different states. According to the figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2018, architects earned an annual salary of approximately $79,380.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects’ job is to work with clients to establish the best plans for outdoor areas of a project. They also make budgets. They have to plan things while considering the desired and existing features of the land.

Moreover, they may also be in charge of project management until the design has been finalized. Landscape architects have to determine the conditions of climate, topography, and soil, etc. while making site proposals. Besides, some also work on remediation plans and minimal environmentally impacting projects.

Certification and Salary Outlook for an Architecture Degree Major

To become a landscape architect, you will require state licensure with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Moreover, additional education is also compulsory for this job. If you have a Master of Landscape Architecture and work experience, you meet the eligibility requirements for the state licensure and Landscape Architect Registration Exam. The landscape architect’s salary in 2018 was approximately $68,230.

Regional or Urban Planner

Regional and urban planners have to manage the advancement of rural, urban, and suburban areas. They supervise the placement of transportation networks and commercial or residential areas. Usually, local governments hire urban planners. They can help select the best ways to advance growth. Urban planners are supposed to make the most of the state’s water resources and available land.

Therefore, regional and urban planners have to be acquainted with zoning and building codes. They must analyze major projects to make sure that they follow the overall growth guidelines. Jobs for regional or urban planners generally require a master’s degree in regional or urban planning. Moreover, having the field of architecture and correlated areas as your undergraduate background would be a plus. However, quite a few states demand licensing or registration for this kind of job too.

Certification and Salary Outlook for an Architecture Degree Major

We recommend that you go for the voluntary Professional Certification for the regional and urban planners. There is also a possibility to earn the Certification without a prior degree in regional or urban planning. But then you will require additional experience within the field.

As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), from 2018 to 2028, regional and urban planners are expected to get a higher than average employment growth of 11 percent. The average annual pay for regional and urban planners was $73,050. The highest rates of employment were in architectural, local government, state government, engineering, and related services companies.

Lastly, to continue your career as an architect in any capacity, you will need to have an architecture degree after completing a five-year program. You may also need a master’s degree in architectural studies, or the related fields you want to apply in. Generally, you may also need to finish an internship and look for licensure or Certification according to your state’s requirements.

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