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Most affordable Online Doctor of Nursing Programs for 2020

By continuing the (DNP) Doctor of Nursing program online, many students can manage their present work schedule while advancing and improving academically. In addition, when searching for the online course, students usually find the programs that best fit their career goals on a personal level. This is particularly helpful for individuals living where local programs may not offer a specific specialization. An online Doctor of Nursing program gives way to a whole new world of career potential for nurses.

Whether they have a family or any other responsibilities in their community, it can be challenging for many students to continue an on-campus program. With an online course, they can work on their own time and speed. That includes covering more material in the many weeks that they are not as busy at work. That way, they don’t get left behind.

Moreover, students look for an online program for reasons other than it will adjust well with their careers. They can also apply the knowledge and skills learned in a digital classroom to their ongoing work. Many students find this rewarding and helpful. They can better understand what they are learning by being able to put the knowledge to practical use.

In addition to that, technology makes collaborative nursing education possible. Therefore, students may choose to interact with others just as they would in a brick and mortar classroom. They also get to develop their digital skills.

If you are looking for an affordable Doctor of Nursing program, we rank the best ones below. In this ranking, we pay significant attention to certain criteria, so that working nurses get a good return on their educational investment. In short, our rankings are based on these 4 elements:

  • Reputation
  • Cost
  • Salary
  • Student Reviews and Survey

All the universities on the list are acknowledged, approved, and recognized. Most are regionally accredited, while others have national distance education accrediting. In addition, several universities also have an exceptional program accreditation.

So, here is a list of universities that provide (DNP) Doctor of Nursing programs. We rank them by affordability, i.e., from the lowest rates to the highest tuition fee:

Fort Hays State University

To apply to this school, every student must meet the deadline or the final application deadline. Applicants must have a BSN degree from any recognizable college. Students can register in a Doctor of Nursing Program online and keep track of their progress. Graduates from the program can take leadership roles in their specific fields. However, keep in mind that Fort Hays does not accept any applicants from Tennessee, Utah, Alabama, and Washington.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program at this school provides a clinical doctorate for master’s prepared registered nurses. The DNP program at the school of the Northwestern State University of Louisiana also satisfies all the requirements of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Ashland University’s Doctor of Nursing Program

The online Doctor of Nursing program at Ashland University highlights verification-based practice, leadership, cultural competence, organizational research, and policy. Therefore, after graduating, students can take on leadership roles in hospitals or healthcare organizations anywhere in the world. The DNP in this institution offers a choice between focusing on either the Family Nurse Practitioner program or Health Systems Leadership program.

University of Colorado, Denver

The Doctor of Nursing program prepares nurses for the highest level of professionalism in nursing practice. Many of its graduates go on to develop careers as executives and leaders in the healthcare field. They have five academic programs that help clear as many distinct pathways for the different types of nursing students. Those five options are:

  1. BS-DNP
  2. DNP-PHN
  3. MPH/DNP Dual Degree
  4. Post-Graduate DNP-APRN
  5. Post-Graduate DNP Health Systems Leadership

 University of Central Florida

Doctor of Nursing Practice program at this allows students to learn about different clinical situations and practice unique systems, prepare for leadership roles, understand practice models that support nurses, and examine socio-economic, political, and epidemiological data to better the healthcare systems and practices across various fields. Moreover, the AACN has accredited this university’s program.

Illinois State University’s Doctor of Nursing Program

Doctor of Nursing Practice programs are designed to produce graduates with exceptional skills, knowledge, and high levels of competencies to meet the health care challenges in the 21st century. Thus, this Doctor of Nursing program can be completed in 7 semesters. The focused faculty offers complete guidance and one-on-one attention to each student who registers. All the DNP courses in this institution – ranked amongst the top 100 public universities — are offered online.

An online Doctor of Nursing program may be exactly what you need. Enrolling in one would mean that as you continue to gather more knowledge of your specialized field, you can keep working. If you don’t think any of these fit you right, talk to us. Together, we’ll find one that does!

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