The Ultimate Guide to Stem Scholarship for Women

stem scholarship for women

If you aim to land on the moon or advance the world of science, then Stem education is just right for you. Although, most women drop the thought of getting it all because of financial issues and barriers along with it. It is a world-renowned fact that Stem education could cost you an arm and a leg. Particularly for women, attaining half as little as men usually can’t afford it. That’s where Stem scholarships come to play. Therefore, make sure to read till the end to understand Stem Scholarship for women works and how you can get your hands on them. 

How to Find the Latest STEM Scholarships for Women? 

STEM scholarships are often as competitive as they can get. Also, they are available to undergrad or grad women in the US. However, many students in the science and technology field compete for very limited spots. Also, being a woman comes with its perks as Stem scholarships often favor women in the field of science and tech. 

You can find the latest Stem scholarships with the help of your search engine because new scholarships are offered all the time. However, most scholarships are offered annually. Therefore, you can only apply for them once a year. It’s better if you thoroughly look for these scholarships every once in a while.

Once you find a list of suited scholarships, narrow them down by reading their eligibility criteria and then start applying. Also, most scholarships would want you to write an essay about yourself which shouldn’t be a problem. However, you can find examples of essays online and they’ll help you make a rough outline. 

General STEM Scholarships for Women 

To have better understanding of Stem Scholarship for women, we’re listing some scholarships here that are a good match. There are the ones you can reach online annually. Hence, ensure that you study for them whenever you’re hunting for new scholarships online. 

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship 

  • offered to Females 
  • must be an Undergraduate student 
  • major subjects; Biology, Physics, Engineering, and Math 
  • A resident of any country 
  • three $3000 granted to students of accredited colleges

Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship 

  • Undergraduate student 
  • Only US citizens can apply
  • students in sophomore or junior year in college 
  • Preference for those who’re financially precarious 
  • a grant of $2000 annually

BHW Scholarship 

  • Undergraduate or graduate or Masters’s degree holders can apply 
  • Majors in mathematics, technology, science, or engineering even medical/health care students can opt for this.
  • Offered by The BHW Group in Austin 
  • $3000

Drone Technology College Scholarship 

  • College students with 2-year/4-year programs have an affinity to lead drone technology forth
  • Smaller scholarships available for school students 
  • Both part-time /full-time students can apply 
  • $1000 

Scholarship America’s Dream Award 

  • For sophomore, junior, and senior year
  • Need-based scholarship 
  • 17 years or older students are eligible 
  • For US citizens and permanent residents 
  • Required GPA is 3.0 from 4.0 
  • $5000 to $15000

Smart Scholarship 

  • Offered by the US department of defense 
  • For citizens of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand 
  • The minimum age is 18 
  • Pursuing a technical degree 
  • Willing to get a job with the department of defense 
  • Completion of one summer scholarship 
  • $38000 

STEM Scholarships in Science for Women

Apart from general scholarships, there are a whole lot of Stem opportunities offered in the science field. Therefore, make sure to keep reading if you’re into subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, or geology. 

AWIS Kirsten R Lorentzen Award 

  • Merit-based
  • For female students 
  • For those majoring in physics, geoscience, geophysics, or space physics
  • Only for members of the society of Physics students 
  • $2000 

Science System and Applications, INC. Academic Scholarship 

  • For students of physics 
  • Offered by a woman-owned business 
  • Only for members of the society of Physics students 
  • $2000 

STEM Scholarships in Engineering for Women 

Engineering is a field in which women’s representation is much-needed. Hence, the reason why a lot of Stem scholarships are offered for women in the field of engineering. Let’s get into it and find it all about it. 

American Airlines Engineering Scholarship 

  • For women 
  • For those who want to have a career in electrical, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering
  • Only for the members of Women in Aviation 
  • $3000 

Society of Women Engineers 

  • For women 
  • 260 scholarships offered 
  • For women in the fields of engineering and computer science 
  • Graduates and undergraduates both can apply 
  • $16000 

Lynn G. Bellenger Scholarship 

  • For undergraduate women in the field of engineering 
  • GPA of 3.0 and higher 
  • Taking a course with the HVAC&R curriculum 
  • $5000 

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship 

  • For women studying in fields of computer science, technology, and engineering
  • Ten winners are selected 
  • $7000 

STEM Scholarships for Graduate Women 

Don’t worry if you’re done and dusted with your graduation. There still is a high chance that you can get a STEM scholarship guidance for your Masters’s degree or your PhD. Be sure to keep looking for these scholarships because the fee of post-grad education is quite overwhelming without financial assistance. 

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship 

  • For women pursuing a Masters’s degree 
  • Workshop and internship in Palantir HQ 
  • $700 


STEM scholarships are a way forward for women in the fields of science and technology. However, becoming a doctor or engineer comes with a whole lot of student debt. Even well-off families can’t afford these tuition fees for the most part. Hence, it doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your dream. Also, you can pursue a career in science and technology by understanding Stem Scholarship for women and attain it. Hence, look for all the scholarships mentioned above. Therefore, work on your essay and make sure to take part in extra-curricular activities because they also count. 

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