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How To Choose Between Two Different Career Options?

career options

Choosing between two different career options can be overwhelming. Every single one of us has been there and the good news is that one way or the other, people do end up deciding what they want in life. Now before digging deeper about how to choose between two careers, let’s get one thing straight; you cannot work on multiple careers all at the same time. It will be overwhelming, you’ll become restless, and having too much on your plate is never a good idea.

Your career has a huge impact on your life. In fact, the job you choose can make or break your future so this isn’t the kind of decision you make within seconds. If you have two career paths in front of you, you’ll have to do a lot more than just trusting your gut feeling.

Here are a few tips from the pros that can really come in handy for you when making a decision about your career;

1- Choose The Career That Brings You Opportunities

You don’t want to stay stuck your entire life in the same workspace, doing the same job every day, right? In fact, you need a career that brings you as many growth opportunities as possible. This is the first factor to consider when you are confused between two careers. Of course, one of them will have more growth potential to offer than the other. Go for a career that helps you grow personally and professionally. As humans, we keep evolving, we keep learning new things and developing new skills. However, the trigger to make it all happen is the career that introduces you to a world full of opportunities.

2- Honor Your Gut Reaction

You can’t rely all and all on your gut feeling but at the same time, you can’t overlook it too. People are often confused about two different career options because they just overthink things. Sometimes, you already know the answer to what you want but it’s just that your brain won’t stop talking. In such a case, just close your eyes for a while, take a deep breath, bring one of your options in your mind and then focus on how your body physically reacts to it. If you are doubtful about the first option, consider the second one and follow your gut feeling. This process can work wonders because sometimes all the confusion we have is in our heads and once we clear our mind, things start making sense.

3- Which One Of The Careers Are You Passionate About?

You just can’t be passionate about both career options equally. It’s not possible because we are talking about two different jobs here. You can’t be passionate about cosmetology and architecture all at the same time. This is another factor to take under consideration when choosing between two career options. There’s this career where you can make some good money and then there’s another one that doesn’t pay much but you are passionate about it.

The wiser thing to do would be to go for the career that you are passionate about. When you are motivated and interested in your job, you automatically start doing well, and several doors of opportunities start opening for you. But if you choose a career just because it pays well, you’ll soon get bored of it and it will all start feeling like a burden.

4- Weigh Out The Pros And Cons

A comparison of both good and bad things about both your careers can help you get an answer. Just make a list of all the factors that matter in a job and then compare them considering the two careers you have.

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Salary
  • Working Hours
  • Commute
  • Bonuses
  • Number Of Personal Days
  • Company value
  • Other Perks
  • Company Reputation
  • Passion

5- Weight Salary With Personal Satisfaction

At the end of the day, you are choosing a career to make a living so the salary does matter. Both your careers can’t pay you the same amount of money which is why it’s important to weigh the salary with personal satisfaction. Remember, it’s not about the career with the most money, in fact, it’s about the career that pays you enough to live a financially stable life without giving you any stress. Personal satisfaction is always paramount when you are making such big decisions in your life. Before you make a decision, consider your lifestyle, consider your finances and your expenditure too. Once you know how much money you need to live happily, career confusion won’t be a problem for you anymore.

6- Look For More Career Options

If you are still confused after considering all of the above-mentioned factors, it’s time to shift your focus! There are several other career paths out there and you just need to explore them. Staying stuck between two careers and not ending up with a final decision will just be a wastage of time. You need to get out there, connect with new people, look at different education programs and then see which career suits you the best.

If you aren’t finding what you need, you might be looking in the wrong direction!

Final Word

Your career can change the entire course of your life. This is your future that we are talking about here and it’s not something you can take any risks with. However, one thing to always keep in your mind is that you should go for the job that brings excitement in your life. You need a workspace that gives you the potential to grow and be productive. Just keep looking for opportunities, explore different careers, and talk to people. Because these things together can help you find the career of your dreams without any hassle!

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