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Classroom Tools to Enhance the Life of a College Professional

Classroom tools and gadgets make our lives easier. They help us with our education, making it more achievable & attractive. To make our classroom lives more comfortable, we all need gadgets and digital tools to help us become more versatile and productive in learning. Nowadays, many educationists are under the misconception that technology in the classroom can easily distract students from paying attention to their courses. However, what if we can change that by introducing some fun classroom tools?

Are you starting with your college career? Need classroom tools to help you become a better student? Here are some of the best classroom tools & gadgets which can enhance your on-campus life and make your learning hours more productive. Leverage them to get the best education for yourself.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Who prefers to carry around a dozen of books for different classrooms? Now you can’t certainly walk to and fro your dorm every time a period changes. However, you can always keep an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite device on you at all times to skip the hassles of carrying a load of books on you. Now, you can store just about every book you need on a single handheld 7-ounce device. Move from one class to another without having any concerns about carrying the books along with you. The Amazon Kindle is not only an excellent tool for reading books, but it also comes with multiple features such as features for highlighting & taking notes. So what more could you ask? The Paperwhite can be worth the expense.

Logitech Slim Folio Ipad Keyboard Case

Are you a student who likes taking notes on their iPads? Then you will need a good keyboard case that can go along with your iPad device. Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard is a kind keyboard that provides the perfect ease and accessibility for typing in just about any information on the iPad you want. The keyboard is very versatile when it comes to Apple products as it comes with many iOS shortcuts. You can access different Apple features such as Siri and Safari search. As far as the battery life is concerned, the keyboard has an extended battery life which can easily last up to 4 years.


Edmodo helps in creating a social networking environment between the teacher and their students. Teachers can leverage the platform to hold online classes and create collaborative groups. Also, they can provide necessary education material to their classroom students with just a few taps. The app further helps the student to measure their performance, and Edmodo also enables teachers to connect with the parents and perform many other functions. Currently, the app has more than 34 million users. They actively use the platform to connect and create an engaging learning environment for students worldwide. Additionally, for students who want to create a more enriching learning experience and for educationists who want to personalize education, Edmodo is a technology that one must leverage as a classroom tool.


Many times, we need to collect information and data on a certain aspect for our analysis. However, we don’t have access to collecting data and that’s where Kahoot! A handy digital tool comes in. Kahoot offers students the chance to create questionnaires and in-class quizzes, which can easily help them collect relevant information on just about anything they want. Just imagine you’re doing research on a specific project, and you have to perform a quantitative analysis, Kahoot! Can help you with that. It can easily sync up with other compatible devices, and its game-like interface quickly allows students to connect & provide you with the necessary insights. Doing a small quiz or taking a simple test will provide the quantitative analysis that the project owner requires.

Mophie Powerstation Mini

We often come to our classrooms without paying much attention to how much battery life is left on our smartphones. What if the class which you’re attending is of a guest lecturer coming from a university elsewhere? What if you can’t miss anything valuable which he or she has to offer? At times, you wish you had a power pack that can help you provide that extra battery life on you. Whether, you’re in the library or your classroom, if you need a mini power station, Mophie gives you the best option. It comes with a 3,000 mAh extra battery juice to help you power up your battery drained gadgets.


No class curriculum is complete without presentations. While many students rely on PowerPoint to create engaging presentations, it’s not the best tool for creating engaging presentations for students. Prezi, on the other hand, is a much more creative & exciting tool that packs many exciting features to make your presentation one of a kind. Prezi offers you an interesting way to create your presentations. However, it also makes the watching experience enthralling for other viewers. Unlike PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations are available for public use. If the presentations are interesting & worthwhile, they are accessible for other classmates to take notes from the Internet.


Does your classroom require you to work in teams by collaborating? What if you’re in a leadership role and you’ve to assign tasks to other students? Trello is a remarkable tool which can help you with just that. You can use Trello to create multiple tasks and give them to your teammates. Set the deadlines as per your requirements and add attachments which are necessary to guide them. Trello is great for helping the students learn about management & organization of tasks and helping them achieve them quickly and effectively. It is a free, easy-to-use and straightforward tool with minimum clutter. Add as many people as you want to a board and create a fun learning & manageable environment for class projects.

There are some of the gadgets and classroom tools which we believe can help you create a better learning environment. Whether you’re a student at a University or you’re a teacher educating the masses, these amazing tools can add more flavor to your classroom sessions. Get your hands on them and make your learning experience a fun-filled one.

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