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Practice a Free Cosmetology State Board Written Exam and Pass First Try

cosmetology state board practice examPassing the cosmetology state board exam earns you a license to work in the beauty industry. First, you need top marks on the written exam. Then you must impress with your styling skills and artistic flair on the practical exam. Sounds easy? In reality, the cosmetology exam can be tough. To make it easier, taking free cosmetology state board practice exams can help.

A cosmetology state board practice exam fully prepares you for passing the exam. In the multiple-choice test, you answer typical exam questions. Taking the practice test can help you gauge what aspects of cosmetology you need to study more. But the good news is that if you prepare well, you will sail through the exam. Once you get your license, your professional cosmetology career is ready to kick off.

But you may be wondering, when should you start getting ready for the exam? What do you need to do to pass with flying colors?

This article helps you know how a cosmetology state board practice exam can benefit you. You’ll also find out where you can find free resources to practice for the written exam.

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Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology?

Pursuing a cosmetology career is for anyone who has a passion for hair, style, and makeup. Apart from being fun, helping people look good is a rewarding job. As a cosmetologist, you can pursue your dreams of working in film, theater, high-class salons, or beauty spas.

From enrolling in cosmetology school, your main goal should be to excel at the state board exam. Let’s see how to do that.

Cosmetology State Board Written Exam

The state board’s written exam tests your knowledge of cosmetology theory. Depending on the state, the written exam has between 90 and 120 multiple-choice questions. These questions test you on the scientific aspects of cosmetology. You need to answer questions on anatomy, chemicals, sanitation, skin and nail diseases. A cosmetology state board practice exam is the best way to prepare.

Cosmetology State Board Practical Exam

The state board practical exam is where you show your cosmetology skills. Usually, you must show how to perform various beauty procedures. You will also need to show your awareness of sanitization, health, and safety. During the practical exam, it’s essential to follow all the instructions precisely.

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How to Use Cosmetology State Board Practice Exams

How can you ensure the cosmetology state board exam is a “walk in the park”? The answer — use free cosmetology state board practice exams. There are plenty of resources that include real cosmetology questions from actual exams. The best cosmetology apps also provide explanations on answers you may not know.

Here are some handy ways to practice for the cosmetology state board exam.

1. Find free cosmetology written exams

First, it’s a good idea to find excellent online cosmetology exams. In these, you will find random questions from written exams from around the country. Even if you don’t know the answer, many exams have in-depth explanations of the terms. Some cosmetology mobile apps are freeware with options to subscribe to access all the features.

Other benefits of using cosmetology practice exams to pass your state board exam include the following:

  • Glossaries of terms relating to cosmetology.
  • Helpful descriptions if you get answers wrong.
  • Tutorial videos to show practical aspects of cosmetology.
  • Read-out-loud options to know how to say unfamiliar terms.

2. Plan your time wisely

To pass the cosmetology state board exam, you need to study hard for it. Of course, a career in beauty is mostly about the practical aspects — hairstyling, manicure, facial treatments. But the best cosmetologists know their theory well. And you’ll need to show how much you know in the exam.

The best idea is to set aside time every day to study cosmetology theory. Do this from your first day in cosmetology school. Some schools don’t pay much attention to teaching the theory of cosmetology. So, taking cosmetology state board practice exams regularly will help you assess your progress

3. Practice for the cosmetology state board exam

There’s a saying: “Practice makes perfect.” And the more you practice for your state board written exam, the better your results will be. After all, you want to pass the exam the first time and get top marks.

Typically, cosmetology written exams have around 100 questions. Depending on the state, you get between 90 and 120 minutes to finish the exam. So, hard study is required to “fly through” the test.

For example, do you know the difference between a carbuncle and a furuncle? What breaks hair disulfide bonds? What does keratin do? Koilonychia and leukonychia are diseases related to which part of the body? These are a few sample questions from cosmetology practice exams.

Remember, it’s always best to avoid cramming at the last minute. Studying cosmetology requires excellent knowledge of many scientific concepts — some of which may be unfamiliar. Only plenty of studying and taking practice exams will help you pass the state board cosmetology exam.

Get Prepared for the Passing the Cosmetology Written Exam

Preparation is key to getting top grades in your cosmetology exam. The more you know about cosmetology theory, the easier the state board test becomes. Think about it — a test is only easy when you know the answers. So, take second-guessing out of the mix so that you know your subject thoroughly.

Interestingly, statistics from some states show that cosmetology degree students do exceedingly well on the practical exam but poorly on the written one. For example, in Texas, around 90 percent of students pass the state board practical exams. However, that figure drops to between 50 and 60 percent for written exams.

Every time you must retake an exam is money out of your pocket. It also means that you put your beauty career on hold. You can only work as a professional in the cosmetology industry with a state-approved license.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exams — In Conclusion

Getting a state cosmetology license is your gateway to a lucrative career in the beauty industry. But to get your license, you must pass the written and practical exams. Using cosmetology state board practice exams is the best way to prepare for success.

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