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Highest Paying Trade Jobs: Never Worry About Finding a Job Again

highest paying trade jobsThe highest paying trade jobs are excellent recession-proof jobs. If you go for a degree in a trade school, you will learn the skills that will always be in demand. Some of the highest-paying jobs you can get with a trade school degree can pay as much as graduate jobs. Also, the demand for trade jobs is tremendous and is set to increase.

Trade jobs require specific skills or training that you learn in a vocational or trade school. Usually, education is a mixture of classroom learning and on-the-job training. Examples of high-paying trade careers include nursing, electrical installation, construction, plumbing, and various technician jobs.

Depending on the industry, the average salaries for the highest paying trade jobs range from $50,000 to over $100,000. Many trade jobs have job prospects far better than many jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree.

Do you never want to worry about finding a job again? Read on to find out which are the highest paying trade jobs you can find. With each of these jobs, you learn the average salary and job outlook. All data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Why Go to Trade School to Get a Degree?

The reasons for getting a trade school degree are more than just job security and excellent pay. While college or university degrees are necessary for some careers, they are not essential for making a good living. Getting the right skilled trade career could mean you get a job you love and an excellent salary.

Apart from having a lucrative career, what are the other reasons to consider going to trade school? Here are two reasons:

  • Cost — It’s cheaper to graduate from trade school with a vocational degree. This fact means you leave school with less debt than your college counterparts. So more of what you earn goes into your pocket, rather than paying off student loans.
  • Time — You can get a trade degree in half the time it takes to get a bachelor’s degree. Usually, you can complete trade school in two years or less.

The Highest Paying Trade Jobs Currently Available

Let’s look at the top seven trade jobs with a fantastic job outlook that pay exceptionally well.

1. Licensed practical nurse

Working as a licensed practical nurse can be a rewarding career with excellent pay. Additionally, any job in the healthcare sector has superb prospects in the future. You can qualify as a vocational nurse with around one year of training to earn a non-degree certificate.

Licensed practical nurses work as part of a medical team. Duties involve monitoring patients’ vital signs, updating notes, providing personal care, and administering medication. Before deciding on becoming a nurse, it’s crucial to ensure you have the qualities it takes to become a good nurse.

Average annual salary: $47,500

Job outlook: 9% — much faster than average

2. Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist is one of the highest paying jobs you get with an associate’s degree. You can qualify as a dental hygienist in two years at a vocational school. Similar to other healthcare professions, dentist hygienists are always in demand.

Dental hygienists care for patients’ oral health. Duties involve removing plaque from teeth, taking X-rays, and providing advice on dental health. Dental hygienists can work in private clinics, hospitals, health clinics, or schools.

Average annual salary: $76,200

Job outlook: 6% — faster than average

3. Web designer

Web designing is among the highest paying jobs you can have with a trade school degree. Most companies and many individuals have an online presence. With more and more people dependent on the Internet, job growth is guaranteed.

Web designers have a range of skills to design, build, and maintain websites. At trade school, web designers learn graphic design, how to install networks, set up databases, and manage IT systems. A benefit of being a web designer is that you can work in an office, at home, or as a self-employed worker.

Average annual salary: $73,760

Job outlook: 8% — much faster than average

4. Plumber

Plumbing is a trade job that will always be in demand. Plumbers install, fix, and maintain water, sewer, and gas lines. But plumbers are also required to install kitchen appliances and, with the necessary license, gas fittings. Part of a plumber’s job involves resolving issues with drainage and water flow.

To become a plumber, all you need is a high school diploma. However, attending a trade school will enable you to get licensed in your state and earn more money.

Average annual salary: $55,160

Job outlook: 4% — as fast as average

5. Home inspector

Home inspectors carry out inspections of residential properties before a sale. To be a qualified home inspector requires learning about plumbing, electrical, heating, and structural systems. It is also necessary to keep up to date with building codes and learn how to evaluate a building’s safety.

Average annual salary: $52,000

Job outlook: 10% — much faster than average

6. Electrician

Working as an electrician allows you to make a good living and work in an in-demand sector. Electricians should have good technical knowledge as well as practical skills. Electricians can install electrical systems or troubleshoot problems. Because electricians must be licensed, electrical-related jobs are always in demand.

Most electricians learn their trade in apprenticeships. However, you can also take a two-year trade school course for electricians that involves on-the-job experience.

Average annual salary: $56,180

Job outlook: 8% — much faster than average

7. Respiratory therapist

Respiratory therapists are highly-paid healthcare workers in a sector that has extraordinary demand. Working as a respiratory therapist requires two years of vocational school training to earn an associate’s degree.

Respiratory therapists help treat people with various respiratory diseases. In many cases, the job involves working with children, middle-aged, and elderly patients. Most respiratory therapists work in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Average annual salary: $61,330

Job outlook: 19% — much faster than all occupations

Highest Paying Trade Jobs — In Conclusion

Many trade jobs are in the fastest-growing industries with excellent rates of pay. Choosing the right trade school degree can set you on an exciting career path. With your job, you can enjoy a good living and never worry about finding employment in the future.

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