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5 Famous Books to Help You Prepare for a GRE Examination

Earning top scores in the GRE examination is everyone’s dream. GRE can help you get there. If you’re wondering what GRE is, it’s the abbreviation for Graduate Record Exam, an essential test that every student must take before applying to a United States University.  It declares whether you’re eligible to apply for the undergraduate program or not.

Passing the GRE examination is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of learning and consistent practice. The only thing that can prepare students for the GRE examination is the books they select. The right books can help them score the best results, whereas the wrong one can get low scores. Therefore, it is highly important that one choose the top score to not fail in their respective GRE program. Are you among such individuals who are seeking the best books to prepare for the GRE examination? Here are a few good books for the GRE examination for you.

1- Kaplan GRE’s Complete Bundle

For more than 80 years, Kaplan Test Prep is working tirelessly to create some of the best student plans. Kaplan GRE’s three-book set can help students easily achieve excellent knowledge, skill & great confidence in acing their GRE examinations within no time. Millions of students around the world have adopted Kaplan books to pass their GRE examinations.

Because of its simplicity & clarity in explaining the basic concepts, Kaplan has debunked the mystery of helping students clear GRE examinations. There are expert guides, and students can leverage a great deal of learning while embarked on the educational journey. With years of strategies and data from expert psychometricians, here are three books for the GRE examination that will help you prepare for the best.

2- Manhattan Prep. Book of GRE Examination Problems

In the year 2000, Graduate Zeke Vanderhoek published his books for the GRE examination preparation. In his understanding, only a better teacher can educate a student most effectively. And while there are plenty of teachers out there who have the talent, there’s no way they could reach out to willing students individually.

He took the idea from many great educators and assembled one of the best books called Manhattan Prep. The book contains a gazillion different problems and roughly weighs around 5 lbs, making it one of the best books for the GRE examination. It is capable of educating the masses on GMAT, LSAT, ACT, and different SAT courses.

3- Official GRE Super Power Pack

The Official GRE Super Power Pack works as a nonprofit organization devoted to creating educational material to help students ace their GREs easily. The book contains many tests that have previously administered different students clear their GRE examinations with flying colors.

GRE Super Power Pack is put together by ETS, who creates & scores more than 50 million tests. It is an excellent addition for anyone preparing for GRE tests, TOEIC tests, TOEFL tests, or any other form of educational assessment. Students from more than 180 different countries prepare for their GRE examination from these famous books.

These are three books for the GRE examination and come with many different practice questions.

4- GRE Prep by Maagosh

Magoosh is one of the leading test preparation companies located in Berkley, California. Whether you want to prepare yourself for the GRE examination through a desktop or you want to study using a smartphone, Magoosh provides ease & accessibility for your GRE preparations.

Magoosh has put together over a thousand different problems in one place. You can easily find multiple videos to help you educate through the process. Students can also easily find full-length tests, which allows them to perform mock-ups before appearing for the actual examination.

The book is a combined effort of two of the best minds, Chris Lele & Mike McGarry.

5) Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE 2021

If you want to score big on your GRE test scores, you need to have an excellent grasp of the vocabulary section. While learning vocabulary is one thing, using it analytically or sophistically is completely another. With Barron’s Essential Words, you will be well equipped with the knowledge of effectively using the words correctly in different prose. The book allows you to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you learn excellent vocabulary, while on the other hand, you learn how to utilize them in contexts best.

Step-by-step, the book helps you gain the basic vocabulary strength and familiarizes you with the standards. There are sample sentences, flashcards, & practice quizzes to help you along the way.

What Key Aspects to Consider in a Good GRE Book?

So before you decide on purchasing a GRE book for your test preparation, are you wondering which factors are important to consider? Here are some of the factors you must consider before purchasing a GRE book.

Test Strategies: Does the book offer you the option of preparing a study plan? Besides preparing you to appear in the test, a book should also focus on providing you with a test strategy to ace your exams.

Book Curriculum: The right GRE book will have a proper curriculum in place, which is properly broken down into segments. Reading context from it will enable students to be acquainted with the curriculum.

Quality & Quantity: Quality & quantity of questions have a great impact on the student’s preparation. Check if the difficulty level of the question matches or exceeds the difficulty level of previous exams.

Comprehensive Answering: If the answers to complicated questions aren’t easy, you need a book to explain the answers. Choose one which offers comprehensive answering.

Not all books are created equal. Some offer better flashcards, while others focus on test practicing questions. One offers elaborative answers, while the other brings detailed test plans to excel in your examinations. There are plenty of different books that can help you ace your GREs. However, it’s up to you to choose one that fulfills the purpose most effectively. Are you searching for the right GRE book for GRE examination preparation? Here are five interesting books for you to consider.

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