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Why Developing Effective Communication Skills is Best for Undergraduates


The time you spend in college is the most crucial time of your life. It is the first step you take towards your career. So, you must learn the skills that will help you later in life—one of such skills is communication.

Communication is the act of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You cannot become a good speaker, reader, listener, or writer within a day or a month. The process of mastering the art of communication takes time and effort. But, as undergraduate degrees are lengthy, students get ample time to practice their communication skills.

So, the question is, why are communication skills so essential? Why must students develop communication skills during their college life? In this article, I am going to answer these questions for you.

Communication skills help in Learning

Students need to understand and clear their concepts about what their teachers teach them in college. But, sometimes, they can face trouble in understanding their lectures. So, they need to ask questions from their instructors. These questions will help them clear their doubts and discuss their issues. It will also help the teachers to understand better the confusion faced by their students. When teachers understand the problems of their students, they can adjust their teaching methods.

But most of the students are reluctant to ask questions due to low confidence, hesitation, or fear. Communication skills help such students to become good listeners and understand their lectures. Once they understand what their teachers are saying, they can also develop the confidence to ask questions. Besides, they will also be able to contribute towards constructive discussion with their class fellows.

We know that college studies are challenging, and students have to cover a lot of syllabus. So, even a single unclear concept can hurt the grades of students. In such cases, effective listening and speaking skills will help students who wish to get good grades.

Communication Skills Help Develop Good Relationships

We, humans, are social animals. It is in our nature to crave human connection. But to develop a meaningful relationship with others, we must know how to be friendly. And to become friendly, we must learn how to communicate with others in a genuine and effective manner. Controlled physical expression and verbal communication will help us to do so.

Learning how to develop good relationships during college life is essential due to several reasons. First, college is a social place where you have to make friends. No one can spend their entire college life without being social. Second, you need friends to hang out at college parties. Nobody wants to stand by themselves in a college party where everyone is hanging out with friends. Third, college life is tough, and you need friends to get through it. Spending time with friends helps you relax. Also, group studies with friends can help relieve stress. Finally, many undergraduate students live far away from their homes in college hostels. So, they may feel lonely and homesick. Having friends to talk to and spend time with can help them overcome loneliness and homesickness.

Communication Skills Help in Group Projects

You need to be good at communication if you want to ace your group projects. You can never work in a group if you do not talk or take part with other group members. Also, you can never become a group leader if you do not know how to communicate in an effective way. So, if you want to get good grades in your group projects, you must learn effective communication skills. Follow this link to learn more about communication in teams and groups.

Communication Skills Improve Public Dealing

Graduates from college will join a company for a job or start their own business sooner than later. They must prepare themselves to deal with other people when they do so. Their success in dealing with other people will depend on how good they are at communication.

Knowing how to deal with other people is very crucial in professional life. The success of graduates working in public relations, marketing or sales department depends on their ability to deal with clients. Those who can communicate in an effective way will perform much better than others. Second, businesses rely on the ability to convince other people. They need to convince their customers why their products are better. Also, they need to form partnerships with other people by convincing them. So, their success will depend on how effectively they communicate with others.

That’s why students must learn effective communication skills during their college life. So, their lack of communication skills does not hinder their success.

Communication Skills Needed to Make Leaders

All leaders have excellent communication skills. Their job is to influence others through their words and actions. To influence others, the leaders must have the skills to communicate in an effective manner. Students who wish to become politicians, representatives, or entrepreneurs must learn effective communication skills. They can take part in debates, become a part of societies, and lead their group projects in college,  as pointed out by Harvard Business Review for essential leadership communication skills.

To overcome communication challenges during COVID-19, you may adopt digital tools to mitigate them and minimize the need to be physically present in a classroom.

College life is full of opportunities. Not only should college students ace their studies, but they must also improve their communication skills. The ones who take full advantage of college opportunities are the ones who become the most successful in the future.  Communication skills are one of the essential skills needed in professional life. And college provides ample opportunities to students to develop them. So, quit becoming a bookworm and work on yourself!

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