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7 Places to Put your Business Leadership and Management Majors to Use

leadership and management

Managing and leading others are two important skills to possess. Graduates in business leadership and management have them! Hence, they can easily lead diverse types of organizations. Interestingly, to do their jobs, professional managers must deal with a wide variety of issues. Some of those are financial in nature. On the other hand, material and legal problems may also be present. Then, there are human, environmental, and political ones too. In short, not a lot of careers will be as richly rewarding as a professional manager’s can be.

Your major provides you both theoretical and practical knowledge. Aside from that, it equips you with the skills you’d need. Mainly, your job would be to build/manage teams effectively. Therefore, your coursework exposes you to the following concepts:

  1. Organizational behavior
  2. Administrative theory
  3. Human resource management
  4. International management

So, those are the skills and talents you bring to the professional world.

Sales and Business Leadership & Management Graduates

Mostly, a bachelor’s business degree qualifies you an entry-level position. The sales industry isn’t any different. However, if you choose personal selling, you can earn better. As a personal seller, your duties can entail:

  1. Dealing with vendors, chains, and jobbers
  2. Selling a certain product
  3. Sales to specialized target buyers, such as hospitals and independent grocers

Alternatively, you can pick a path leading you to a sales manager post. If you supervise a district or region, many managers and sales representatives will work under you. After that, you can keep going forward by receiving promotions.

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Clerks — Bookkeeping, Auditing, and Accounting

Your business leadership and management qualification works here, too. Your focus would be to maintain and monitor a company’s financial records. For that, your day-to-day can involve:

  1. Coding documents based on procedure
  2. Reconciling financial discrepancies
  3. Recording numerical data
  4. Compliance with policies on multiple levels

Essentially, staying abreast of the changes in policies will take you much farther. Additionally, be up to date on procedural coding, as well.

The Role of Business Consultants

Another appealing option for you could be the field of business consultancy. As one, you’d be part of a team. Therefore, all members will combine their business expertise and analytical skills. The end goal here is to advise other companies on optimization. Since you will work on various projects and with diverse clients, you’ll face plenty of fresh challenges.

Alternatively, specialize in one type of business. Then combine it with knowledge about another field of interest. Because that would set you apart from other consultants. Pick something like engineering or logistics.

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Nonprofit Leadership & Management

Essentially, these experts bank on the skills that they’d use to manage for-profit enterprises. Hence, your background makes you a great choice for this niche. In fact, if you walked out with a master’s in the subject, you can begin work as a nonprofit executive. With more experience, you can climb to the following positions in a charitable organization:

  1. Executive director
  2. Development director
  3. Volunteer coordinator
  4. Fundraising director

A Unique Choice — Event Planning

Say, you’re a graduate majoring in business leadership and management. But you don’t want to be stuck supervising a staff. Would that limit your career options? Or, is there an unlikely niche you can carve for yourself? If you’ve been thinking these thoughts, consider event planning. Why?

Simply put, both event planners and coordinators are majorly public relations positions. Hence, you’d be a perfect fit! They involve planning, hosting, and organizing events like:

  • Weddings
  • Fundraisers
  • Business conferences
  • Parties

Specifically, these professionals have strong management skills to pull off those events. But so do you! Additionally, even a college degree would be sufficient here. Find work with:

  • Resorts
  • Event planning firms
  • Convention centers
  • Large corporations
  • Professional associations

Confused? Actually, that’s understandable. First off, you had no plans to get into event planning. Secondly, you’re still adjusting to working from home. Thirdly, the pressures of this new job could be getting to you. Don’t let them! Know How to Start a New Job When Working Remotely: An Ongoing Pandemic Series!

Into Human Resources with a Degree in Leadership & Management

Indeed, HR-related degrees are available. However, they aren’t necessary for those aspiring to enter this field. Often, HR professionals hold degrees in management and other relevant areas. Why not be one of them?

In other words, your qualifications will be fine. That said, what you would need for success is knowing how to manage employees. Fortunately, your education prepares you for that. Other than that, you also know how a business is run. In addition, you’re familiar with the skills required for effective communication.

Essentially, all you need is to determine the needs and perspectives of various departments. Then, you can bring all the levels of an organization together.

Becoming a Medical Practice Manager

Finally, this one’s for graduates interested in the healthcare field. Leverage your leadership and management background to get in. In the beginning, you land the job of a supervisor. Work to become a medical office manager. Then keep at it, and make it to the post of the overall practice manager. You can also try for operations manager.

In conclusion, your leadership and management qualifications are valuable. They can help you explore unique and unthought-of options. Thus, do all the exploring before you simply walk down well-trodden paths. Sure, yours is a business degree. But does that mean you cannot enter the field of HR? Or, that you won’t make it in the healthcare arena? It doesn’t! So, if you’re sure that Business Management and Leadership is it for you, go ahead. If not, let our experts help!

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