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6 Creative Business Careers for the Coming Year


Sadly, to most professionals, the field of business doesn’t seem like a sparky environment. One where fresh ideas receive encouragement and rewards. That can be limiting for many graduates with business degrees. They may think there are no creative business careers for them. Would they end up in TV, music, advertising, or publishing? After all, those seem to be the only places creatives go. Right?

Actually, no! Mainly, it depends on what an individual considers creativity to be. Does innovative ways to solve regular problems sound like indulging in your creative side? Then, you’re in luck! That’s because there is much room for individuals like you in diverse industries. Choose one of the careers we list below to paint the world in a color that’s uniquely you:

Statisticians as Creative Business Careers

As one, you will mainly gather data for better and more informed decision-making. Hence, you’d need to know which data matters. Aside from that, your studies enable you to determine the right way of data collection. Once you have it, the next part of your work will involve designing experiments and using their results for analysis and interpretation.

You could be wondering where creative freedom is in all this. Well, that’s only because you aren’t looking at the bigger statistical puzzle. Your degree would let you become a part of vast number of fields. Almost all of them use statistics. What’s more, you can find solutions to many issues too with your craft, such as:

  • Public health safety
  • Environment
  • Sports

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Medical/Health Services Managers

These are the professionals who keep our medical healthcare facilities running. So, you could be one of the planners, coordinators, and directors at:

  • Nursing homes
  • Group practices
  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics

Of course, one thought might come to you after reading this. As a super-organized professional, can I really count my profession as one of the creative business careers? Sure, you can! That’s because you’ll spend your day collaborating with different people. Doctors, administrators, and health insurance representatives, are just some examples. Besides exercising your interpersonal and communication muscles, there’s more that you would do.

Most importantly, medical/health services managers must be problem solvers. Engaging with a variety of people and resolving their issues absolutely requires that! In addition to that, you’ll be in contact with patients’ electronic health records.

Operations Research Analysts as Creative Business Careers

Another option for high-level problem solvers would be to work as an operations research analyst. If you ask around, this is one of the most creative business careers. By its very definition, the profession demands you apply advanced techniques to help businesses. Your objective? Ensure they cut costs and can still function efficiently.

Some examples of those techniques are:

  • Optimization
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Data mining
  • Statistical analysis

For example, just consider the UPS operations. Their operations research analysts use their skills to help the business function. Whether it’s charting the flow of packages or managing their distribution, the input of an analyst is invaluable.

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Market Research Analysts

Exercise their minds to figure out the next sales trends to hit the market. Additionally, these professionals also study the consumer:

  • Demographics
  • Buying habits
  • Preferences
  • Needs

In other words, you gauge why a particular product is so attractive to target audiences. So, you’d need to understand emotion as much as stats. Later on, you’d present those findings to your clients. Simplifying the data, so that your clients can keep producing the right product is also part of your job.

Just imagine the kinds of tools you will have to play with. For instance, analysts today are even looking at geofencing. Akin to GPS, this tech delivers wholly customized ads to a customer’s phone. Not only that, the tool targets those who are close to the store!

Social/Community Service Managers as Creative Business Careers

One of the biggest pluses of becoming a social and community service manager is the variety of options open to you. In other words, you can choose how to change the lives in communities. The first option is to be a direct part of a specific community. After picking one, you work to identify their issues with services. For example, you may pick the homeless or the elderly as your community-of-choice.

The second option is to design programs to address those problems. Therefore, you’ll be obtaining grants for the purpose. Ensuring that the grant money goes to the right place would also be part of your job. And the third option is being the go-between for government officials and the community. You can even take their issues to court on their behalf. The inherent sense of purpose associated with a social service manager’s job can be very rewarding.

Cost Estimators

Simply put, you will be calculating the cost of a product/service. That will include how much money it would take to manufacture/construct, manage, and sell it. Again, the job of a cost estimator can help you become a part of diverse fields. After all, before any endeavor can launch, the cost estimator must give their input. Some of these fields are:

  • Automobile industry
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Ship production
  • Software designing firms
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Satellite making
  • Government programs

But those aren’t the only ones. You can also be a part of nonresidential building construction. Alternatively, there may be room in building equipment contractor firms for you.

Besides estimating the price, these experts also analyze the reason behind it. Additionally, if the cost doesn’t match exactly, later on, you will determine why. What makes you unlike a financial analyst is that the latter interact with businesses/individuals directly. Even so, you’d have one of the highly creative business careers.

Business graduates, you don’t have to pick from the options we list above. For those wanting to try other things, The Career Counseling You Need in the Time of COVID-19 will help. Want to discuss those options with a representative? Then get in touch!

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