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Only the Best 7 Degrees in Teaching in 2020

The era after 2020 will require an added effort to restore the damage that the disastrous pandemic is leaving behind. As always, the future of our economy and development depends heavily on our youth. But that’s true more so now than ever. It’s why talking about degrees in teaching is so important.

The rapid evolution in the technological era is significantly facilitating Gen-Z. However, it is also making the millennial educational beliefs obsolete. That, coupled with the integration of new technology in courses, will change things. What we now require are more teachers who are more aware and familiar with technology. Institutions are changing their curricula to adapt to this shift. That includes the courses for degrees in teaching.

Explore your options with available professions in the education sector.

Want more? Here are some degrees in teaching and education to get you started:

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Educational Leadership/Administration — Principal

A good school principal can bring about a very positive change in a school classroom. The principal may not be physically teaching the students. Even so, they play a significant role in the administration, organization, and execution of a school system.

Working alongside the staff members and communicating with parents is an essential part of their job. They require good communication skills and HR management. Also, hiring staff and developing the curricula for all classes require their involvement.

In short, saying they supervise the school system sums up their job. The position is a good option for those who have:

  • Good leadership qualities
  • Sharp judgment
  • Refined communication skills

A principal receives an average annual wage of about $95,310.

Master’s Degrees in Teaching/Education — Chief Academic Officers

Known as the directors of education, chief academic officers are a central resource. They ensure the putting in place of a helpful and meaningful curriculum and its implementation.

The minimum requirement is a master’s teaching degree, considering how invested these professionals have got to be. From researching and direction to planning and coordinating all programs, chief academic officers are involved in everything. They also have to look over all the courses that are part of a school’s curricula.

These are usually the people students go to with academic complaints. They’re also resolving everyday complaints from the staff. The chief academic officer is currently the highest earner for someone with degrees in teaching. It pays about $117,541 annually.

Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching along with a Specialization in Special Education — Special Education Teachers

Because a special education teacher has a unique job, they often don’t work the way other teachers do. This is why such professionals need to get special education certification besides bachelor’s degrees in teaching.

A special education teacher focuses on planning and organizing activities and lessons for children with unique needs. This job requires a more personal input. They would be working with not just the students. But the parents and physiotherapist or counselor are often consulted too.

Working as a special education teacher can land you an average salary of $59,780 annually.

Master’s — Professors

Students require innovation to be a part of their studies. Having degrees in teaching in a relevant subject helps you provide that. Professors are more facilitators than instructors.

Read more about how a facilitator mindset can affect students.

Other than that, they also supervise and counsel their students in terms of the latter’s future plans. Like teachers for other grades, professors should be someone their students consider approachable. Additionally, senior professors must often train new faculty. The pros of being a professor are that your learning never ends. Couple that with an annual $78,470 pay on average, and you have a good, lucrative career option.

Master’s Degrees in Teaching — Librarians

Librarians are probably the most underrated and misunderstood teaching degree profession. They are so much more than the people who look after the library. That’s because they are also the safe-keepers of knowledge.

A good librarian knows how to guide and help students retrieve particular information on diverse subjects. In addition to that, librarians play a major role in administering the online portals of the institution. It means librarians are in charge of online search tools, inter-library loans, and education apps too.

With a bachelor’s teaching degree, librarians require graduate coursework and a master’s in library sciences for employment. Librarians can expect a mean annual wage of $59,050.

Master’s in Secondary Education — Secondary School Teachers

Getting into college requires a foundation of proper ethics, learning, and analysis skills. Getting a good teacher in secondary school can really influence students’ future goals. Not only are they supervisors during school hours and academia but also extracurricular and personality development.

Additionally, while teachers in lower standards may teach all subjects. In high school, educators must focus on a particular subject. Thus, they require a bachelor’s degree in the said field and degrees in teaching or education.

In 2020, an increase was seen in the demand for science and math teachers. Same goes for teachers for English as a second language (ELS) and social studies. Why not answer the call?

Finally, secondary and high school teachers can expect an average of $60,320 annually.

Bachelor’s in Education & Master’s in School Counseling — School Counselors

Counselors are an essential part of any school system. The plethora of options that they present can really broaden a student’s perspective. Their key role is to identify students suffering from abuse, mental disorders, and other issues in the school environment. Helping the students cope with everyday school is the standard for their job.

Along with that, counselors are also knowledgeable about the latest updates in the education department. Furthermore, they can act as guides and provide career help and scholarship in college.

Counselors require master’s degrees in teaching and school counseling. They earn up to $56,310 average wage annually.

Degrees in teaching will prove quite useful, especially in 2020. Understanding their application and wielding your knowledge can bring a change in society. Those are two of the foremost benefits that come with a teaching degree.

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