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4 Job Searching Tips: An Ongoing Pandemic Series

Most job searching tips you will come across don’t factor in one important fact. These days, almost every company is embracing remote work these days. In other words, there’s the stress due to the coronavirus pandemic’s appearance. It is costing more than a few people their jobs. Consequently, they must hunt for a new one.

That ties in with the next source of stress on an already long list. Is anyone even hiring at the moment? Should you keep sending out resumes blindly? Or, do you wait for the virus to leave? How will you keep yourself financially afloat if you pick the latter?

In addition to that, you must prepare for a virtual interview. Once you ace that, you’d likely be working from home. That’s skipping some of the best parts of working in any organization. For instance, there’d be no introductions to your new colleagues and no bonding with them.

That said, we’re telling you that this is the time to actively work on your job search. Furthermore, we have great tips for you in that regard. They’ll make it easier for you to navigate the process during the pandemic.

Job Searching Tips – Consider the Urgency

As we mentioned, getting on a recruiter’s radar right now can be challenging. Therefore, we’ll open this guide with a smart recommendation. Check if you can afford to put the job search on hold. If other financial resources are available to you, wait out the pandemic.

So, here’s what employees who haven’t faced lay offs or furloughs should do. Make their current job more palatable. Others, though, who have had to say goodbye to their positions need to start thinking short-term. By that we mean, your next job might not be the perfect one. However, since you are unemployed and require a stopgap, start anywhere that makes sense to you.

We know career guidance is essential during these troubled times. Hence, The Career Counseling You Need in the Time of COVID-19.

Determine your Strengths and Use them for Propulsion

The second of the job searching tips we bring you today is about powerful storytelling. These days, companies value emotional intelligence. They want individuals with heartfelt stories to tell. So, find one that emphasizes how you’re different from the other candidates.

Thus, throw in a description of your professional experience. But bolster it with details like who you are, your uniqueness, and relevant strengths. By relevance, we mean how these traits will let you contribute to your future employers.

To find that strength, you can:

  • Start a list of what makes you good at what you do. And don’t just stick to your professional life. Adopt a broader perspective – one that extends to the traits making you a good friend/family member.
  • Then ask those closest to you to point out your greatest strengths and gifts. Ask them to describe you in three adjectives, for instance. Prompt them to include happiness and your attitude towards your career.
  • There are tools, like the Clifton Strengthsfinder, that identify top strengths in a person. The assessment you get from Clifton comes with rich and compelling descriptions.

During these unprecedented circumstances, we thought you’d benefit from expert advice. Enjoy our section on Career Help!

Job Searching Tips Regarding Networking

Since modern technology makes it so much easier, it’d be a crime for you to not be networking. Even under quarantine, there are various resources, like LinkedIn, that you can use. In addition to that, video-conferencing tools simplify reconnecting. Whether you employ Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime, to do it, touch base with your existing contacts.

However, you cannot depend only on the people you know. Look for new contacts within the field/industry of your choice. Conduct an informational interview when you find someone. Also, many companies are continuing their meet-and-greet, albeit digitally. Sign up for those to widen your circle.

Remember those LinkedIn contacts we mentioned? It could be time to look beyond them. See which ones out of your first and second connections can be of assistance. Prioritize communicating with those who are or were in your field/industry/company of interest. Politely inquire which mode of communication they prefer, such as email, InMail, call, or text. Then touch base.

Finally, Eventbrite holds job fairs and networking events. Attend to engage and discover employment opportunities.

Networking can involve a simple virtual coffee date in some cases. In others, you may have to attend video-conference meetings.

Would you like to switch careers? Then check out our Career Counseling section for smoother transitions.

Craft Custom Applications for Each Try

Truthfully, your skills and qualification might get you the job. But it’d be your cover letter and resume that will land you a virtual interview! Spend as long as you can on them, so your job application gets a look-see.

One thing that you should already be doing is modifying them according to the job application. Certainly, it is more labor-intensive and takes time. However, it is also necessary! Simply put, all applications for a position land into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. Imagine that is the entity that will be reviewing your resume. To enter the consideration of a human recruiter or hiring manager, said applications must get past the ATS. Almost 75% will never achieve that! And that means leaving no requirement unfulfilled.

What does an ATS want? Well, all the clues are already in the job posting. In short, the keywords to include in both the resume and letter are:

  • Job title
  • Skills
  • Responsibilities
  • Education level

Be warned that both documents shouldn’t be a facsimile of each other! Mention the important job aspects in them – just do it differently.


In conclusion, our job searching tips center on your endeavors during the pandemic. We hope they work for you. In the meantime, be patient both with yourself and employers. All of us have it tough. These challenges we face will slow down the recruiting process – just as they have done to everything else. Want more guidance about this new normal? Contact us!

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