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Which Post-COVID-19 Jobs are Here to Stay: A Post-Pandemic Series

Now that we have mostly survived the pandemic, it is time to pose the next important question. Which post-COVID-19 jobs can we depend on for our livelihood? After all, the overall picture is a grim one. So many people are losing their businesses or careers. Others are already past that.

Even so, all isn’t lost. Because while the pandemic taketh, it also giveth! About 16 million US workers are now working remotely. The transition is overtaking even the big tech companies. For instance, Facebook decided some employees can work from home permanently. The rest received the same option, albeit until the end of this year.

Google, too, is extending a helping hand to their workers. Over there, a rotational roster takes the edge off when it comes to their employees. In short, the traditional work environment we have come to expect isn’t so traditional anymore.

Also, we’re witnessing the rebirth of plenty of careers under the label, essential workers.

Desiring a career change? Get valuable guidance here, The Career Counseling You Need in the Time of COVID-19.

Hence, the professional arena is adapting to the pandemic in new ways. The same goes for employment opportunities. Therefore, if you’re looking for relevant post-COVID-19 jobs, we suggest getting into:


Among the industries that will remain viable for the next couple of years is that of cybersecurity. Consider how most companies are okaying the work-from-home stance when it comes to their employees. Now, think about the number of people who will access their email on personal and mobile devices. Should the need for mandatory and heightened cybersecurity be a surprise to anyone?

What’s more, we’re seeing an 11% rise in cyber attacks. With the widening of the attack surface of most organizations, that number will only increase. In addition to that bad news, there are two other important facts. Firstly, there is laptop theft every 53 seconds. Secondly, it takes less than a minute for 93% of data breaches to be successfully carried out!

Therefore, if there was one field that will see growth, it would be cybersecurity. Find out more about this highly useful field and other degrees in IT here, Computer And IT Degrees: Which Should I Choose?

Post-COVID-19 Jobs within the Leisure and Hospitality Sectors

Whether you’re training to enter the ranks of the kitchen staff at an eatery or work at a bar, there’s smooth sailing for you. Even during the quarantine, many of us would grab takeout. Our demands led to the opening of 1.2 million new jobs in food and laundry services, as well as, at drinking spots.

Construction Sector

May saw growth in the construction contractor positions – 325,000 new spots. Mainly, this was due to the government loosening restrictions over building and construction. Specialist contractors who can benefit from this include:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Painters

Retail Industry and the Post-COVID-19 Jobs

A gradual comeback from the wreckage that was April is taking place in the retail industry. At present, about 368,000 jobs are open for the taking. You can get your foot in by seeking employment at the following venues:

  • Clothing stores
  • General merchandise stores
  • Car dealers

Online Shopping Stores

Unsurprisingly, many such stores are posting open spots. In fact, the increase is 176% more than the average listings of January and February. However, now that the consumers know how easy online shopping is, the number should increase further. In other words, there could be room for you in online retail stores.

Industries Resisting the Effects of the Pandemic

So, these sectors might not have come out as winners. But they did manage to surf the pandemic-troubled waters in any case. Thus, you can also find and hold a job in:

Hardware and Networking

When the pandemic first hit us, almost every industry underwent a job crash. However, hiring increased by  2.3% for hardware manufacturers and networking firms. Open spots were present at the following:

  • Semiconductor makers
  • Wireless firms
  • Internet service providers
  • Networking gear manufacturers

Post-COVID-19 Jobs in SMBs

Additionally, small businesses also show an increased hiring rate – by 0.4%. Even with a marginal elevation, SMBs occupy a better position. By contrast, a 39.6% decrease was visible in the workforce at larger companies!

Upcoming Post-Pandemic Jobs

By now, we have covered how the existing industries and sectors fared under the pandemic. At this juncture, though, new jobs and industries have also come to the forefront. The now-global telemedicine industry is one of them.

It might not be a new category in the strictest sense. That’s because it was slowly growing at a rate of 15% each year. Although, now, analysts think its speed will reach 19.3%. Besides that, they also evaluate its value at $175.5 billion.

Emerging markets, in particular, are responsible for much of that growth forecast. That’s because many parts of the world still don’t have adequate medical facilities. The remote areas have large underserved populations awaiting the use of telemedicine technology.

Until the pandemic, there were barriers in the path of telemedicine. Those include:

  • Policy makers
  • Patient safety issues
  • Payers
  • Incumbent businesses

Although, the reasoning behind those barriers still applies, we do see restrictions easing. After all, the world could benefit a lot from telemedicine too. It provides healthcare professionals with a way to offer safe and remote testing as well as monitoring to patients.

Another good example would be that of the education sector. Online classes took the stage when students went into quarantine. Besides allowing studies to continue, this alternative also has other benefits. Check out some of them here, 6 Ways Online Learning is Revolutionizing Education during the Pandemic!


In conclusion, life is different after the pandemic. Therefore, it seems logical that the situation regarding post-COVID-19 jobs will also change. Employment that relies on human gatherings is quickly taking a backseat. Even after the virus becomes less virulent, there’s a huge chance remote work will be the norm. Therein lie many opportunities for job seekers. And, if that isn’t the correct choice for you, we leave you with several other options.

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