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Vocational Floral Design Education: Everything You’d Need to Know

We’ve all heard the aphorism about creating time and smelling roses. Most people would love the opportunity to do so. However, that won’t turn them into floral design experts.

Why? For one, you’d be working with more than just rose blooms. You’d also create floral perfections out of daisies and dandelions. Secondly, your clients will welcome your skills for various reasons. So, you could be producing arrangements for a myriad of occasions, including:

  1. Weddings
  2. Holidays
  3. Funerals
  4. Everyday occasions
  5. No-occasion flowers

Thirdly, floral designers harbor a love of flowers, sure. But they are also artists, can manage businesses, and have the skill for creating dazzling collections of flowers. Today, we’re telling you how to attain that skill and what to make of yourself once you do.

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What Makes a Floral Design Expert

If you want to make a name in the floral design arena, you’d fare better with the following qualities:

  1. You enjoy spending time with flowers.
  2. The creative streak in you finds expression through your work.
  3. Are known for your excellent communication skills.
  4. Love serving people in realizing their dreams and projects.
  5. Will be able to keep up with the constantly changing floral design trends.
  6. Can store information – and recall it – about different floral arrangements, based on seasons, occasions, and so on.
  7. Don’t lose your head when customers stray from the carefully devised plan at the last minute.
  8. Are able to deliver orders that match the customers’ expectations and timing.
  9. Won’t balk if you received multiple orders in a day!

Floral Design Training Options

You can pursue a floral design degree in the following ways:

  1. A diploma is a program that reaches completion within several weeks to a year. In such a program, you will get to learn how to handle various flower types, the principles of floral design, color theory, nomenclatures, etc.
  2. When you opt for an associate degree in Applied Science (Floral Arrangement), you will also learn more about floriculture. Usually, it takes a student two years to become an associate.
  3. To obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree, you can pick between different specializations. Those include greenhouse management and horticulture. However, the program usually runs for years or so in this case.

What to Expect from an Online Floral Design Class

Most curricula designed for this field have a structure like the one we share below:

Small Business and Self-Employment Ideas

This course centers on teaching students how to run their own floral design business. So, your instructors will guide you on:

  1. Evaluating the merit of a business idea
  2. Successfully outcompeting others
  3. Market testing
  4. Obtaining different kinds of funding – investment vs. donation vs. crowd vs. angel
  5. What makes an entrepreneur

In short, the secrets to operating a successful company become yours!

About the Floral Design Industry

In this course, students get to familiarize themselves with the industry you want to be a part of. That means recognizing career opportunities, for one. Networking with professional organizations and vendors is another thing you will find out. Aside from that, your instructors will also mention the various certifications you can acquire for career prosperity.

Floral Design’s History

If the previous course was all about what is happening now, this one takes you back. That means you learn about the influences of various cultures on your field. In addition to that, they will teach you about the techniques said cultures used. Find out more about floral design by:

  1. Egyptians
  2. Byzantines
  3. Greeks
  4. Japanese
  5. Romans
  6. Europeans — Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Victorian era
  7. Chinese
  8. Koreans – particularly, ikebana.

Flower Identification

Finally, you won’t be much good at floral design if you cannot tell a lily apart from a sunflower. What’s more, many flowers are commonly known by their Latin/botanical names. The common names of other flowers are much more popular in the vernacular. So, this course provides you with all that information.

Additionally, you’ll discover which characteristics and variations of cut flowers are appropriate for which occasion. And so on.

You can complete a certification in subjects other than floral design too. Look at these 5 Online Vocational Certificate Programs for some examples.

Career Outlook for you as a Florist

BLS reports note that floral designers rated at $28,040 per year when it came to annual average salaries. However, don’t forget that your experience, skills, and certifications will affect how much you earn. And, you could earn more through client satisfaction.

Which Benefits Come with a Floral Design Certification

Those interested in floral design should know they’ll be dipping a toe in competitive industry. However, a certification can help you stand out. Passing the American Institute of Floral Designers’ test is the way to go. You will complete one written section before you demonstrate your floral design skills practically. The institute will test that by having you prepare arrangements for different occasions.

Formal educational programs are available in various vocational and technical fields. We bring you 5 Online Vocational Certificate Programs!

Floral Design Careers

Your career can flourish in any of the following capacities:

  1. Floral shop employment
  2. Your own florist business – offline/online or both
  3. Interior design companies employment
  4. Luxury hotel employment
  5. Stores
  • Grocery
  • Drug
  • Big box
  • Craft stores
  1. Internet floral company employment

But remember that carving a career with a degree in floral design isn’t your only choice. You can also opt for one these Vocational Careers: 6 of the Best in 2020 that Pay Well and Won’t Bore You!

However, if floral design is what you desire to do, then look for online colleges. Complete your degree and then earn the certification. After that, you will be well-equipped to have a business of your own or work for another floral design company.

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