Successful Virtual Interviews

4 Recommendations for Successful Virtual Interviews

Giving successful virtual interviews is an asset for both prospective employees and students. For the former, it can determine whether their pitch will have any effect on the recipient. The latter, on the other hand, might need to be good at this to get admission into a college of their choice.

So, how do you start acing interviews? We thought we’d help by offering you some pointers:

Test the Technology

Most likely, you’ll be using a software like Zoom, Google Hangout, or Skype for such meetings. Therefore, the first secret behind conducting successful virtual interviews would be to check those digital tools.

We don’t, however, just mean downloading said software. You should also determine the functionality of the following:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Camera – a grainy picture won’t do you any favors
  3. Microphone – neither will an echo

What’s more, purchasing good quality equipment and installing it at the last moment wouldn’t be wise. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend most of the session fumbling with the audio or video, prepare well.

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Successful Virtual Interviews Happen When You Dress the Part

The next secret we have for you is one that we cannot overemphasize because it is that important. Dress for your virtual meeting just as you would for a physical one. Your attire will assist you in forming a good impression on the interviewer.

And it isn’t as much about what you wear as it is about how it makes you look. You should come off as projecting professionalism. That’s the only way the panel interviewing you is going to consider you as a serious, potential candidate.

These days, it is slightly more likely than not that your college admission interview is going to take place online. Hence, it is vital that you don’t look slovenly or even informal. We cannot control the virus, but we can decide to dress for the part. Right?

Convey Enthusiasm and Be Expressive

While the way and the extent to which you can express your enthusiasm will depend on your personality, we suggest a few general guidelines. For instance, extroverts approach this matter differently than an introvert would. Even so, the interviewer wouldn’t really know about your personality. Thus, they will ask both types the same questions.

Let’s consider how you can express your enthusiasm to the interviewer and the opportunity they are offering to you:

  1. Mention your willingness to become involved in a certain program.
  2. Tell them how excited you are at the advantages of such measures.
  3. Talk about your previous experience and networks that make you well-suited to start such a venture.
  4. Link your idea to the strides that the college in question might be making in that area.

Most of the people who will show up for a vacancy will fulfill the academic requirements. However, if the interviewers don’t see a passion or motivation in a candidate, you’re less likely to leave a memorable impression on them. Being enthused can help with that!

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Prepare Answers to Common Questions for Successful Virtual Interviews

Okay, so you don’t exactly know which questions a hiring manager or an admission committee panelist is going to ask. But certain queries and how you should approach to respond to them are common in most meetings. Since that is true, you can prepare answers to those.

Before you face the webcam, have the answers to these inquiries down:

Reason for Joining

Students should expect the interviewer to ask why they want to join a particular college. Potential employees should know the answer to why they are leaving their job for successful virtual interviews. In both cases, you shouldn’t be badmouthing the workplace or institution you are a part of. Focus instead on how that specific place can get you where you want your career/higher education to go.

Salary Requirements

Questions about salary requirements are also common. However, you shouldn’t just expect them. You also need to prepare how to negotiate. Sites, like Glassdoor,, and PayScale, can guide in terms of the average wage for the position you will apply for. But don’t forget to work out how your experience, education, and location will change that amount to one that suits you more.

Remember that you will find it easy to negotiate down. So, when a potential employer asks you what you expect, go with the highest salary. They’ll let you know whether that is feasible for them or not. And in case, you really want to get in, balance the reduction with other benefits. Some of them include:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Retirement
  3. Vacation time
  4. Professional development opportunities

Uniqueness of the Candidate

Why should the panelist or the recruiter consider you is another commonly asked question. The way you respond to it can have a lot to do with whether you will have successful virtual interviews. It might seem intimidating at first. But your answer should include a summary of your experience, unique strengths, and what you have/will deliver.

Other Questions

Another common query is regarding the applicant’s greatest weakness. You should know how to reply that one too.

We’d suggest writing them down on Post-Its and keeping them close by. Don’t go for memorization or the answer will have a stilted feel to it. Instead, opt for a naturally flowing conversation. In short, jot down the main points.

Finally, while we’re on this subject, have a bunch of questions for the other side. Hiring managers appreciate candidates who take the time to do so. So would an admission panelist because it shows how well you prepped for the interview.

Use the tips our experts have revealed to you for successful virtual interviews. Need more guidance on picking a career? Get it here: The Career Counseling You Need in the Time of COVID-19! Already know where you want to go? Then these 6 Tips to Aid You in Preparing for College during the Pandemic will help!

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