5 Things I Wish Aspirants Knew about Cosmetology

For individuals who nurture a passion for all things beauty, like hair, nails, and makeup, a career in cosmetology would be perfect. However, before you use Instagram, trying to pick up skills via their many tutorials, consider one thing. Maybe enrolling in beauty school would be a better choice. Because these professionals dedicate considerable time, studying to develop skills and acquire knowledge on the subject. Information and traits that you won’t necessarily find on Instagram!

Now, that we have you thinking, let us take this a step further. Entering this field won’t be a breeze. But it will be both rewarding and challenging if you graduate. So, we think we’ll impart some beauty school insights that can help you join the game one step ahead of other aspiring cosmetologists.

Before that, check if you possess these 5 Skills that Cosmetology School Equips you with. And consider these 5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Cosmetologist!

Now, for the insights:

Cosmetology Gets Your Hands Dirty

A huge majority of the learning you do at cosmetology school will normally not happen in a classroom. Instead of taking notes and nodding off in boring lecture halls, you’ll enjoy a lot of hands on training.

That includes cutting real hair and applying makeup to real people. What’s more, your instructors make it possible for you to practice that within a salon environment. Other than getting real experience, this approach also does you a favor.

By doing a bit of all things, you get an idea about which area of cosmetology you have a real passion for. And you can pick that to specialize in. If you enjoy all of it, then maybe a career as an all-round cosmetologist is the one for you.

You Become a Thera-Stylist

Say you graduate from cosmetology school and land a salon job. Or, you now have a salon of your own. Either way, when you start taking clients, you’ll learn something else. Not all of them will necessarily stay quiet.

Many people who visit salons don’t mind talking to the stylist. After all, they’ll be spending hours in the chair with you behind them, working your magic. So, they might want to talk because the setting itself is all about comfort.

Additionally, they’re trusting you with their image. It gives the whole stylist-client relationship a comfortable, intimate shade. Thus, thinking of yourself as a thera-stylist won’t be so wrong. Would it?

Also, you might want to figure out the variation between Cosmetology School, Beauty Schools, And Hair Design Schools- How Are They Different? before you join one!

Cosmetology Makes a Difference

Imagine that pleased and relaxed feeling after you leave a salon, sporting a new haircut. Or, how a well performed facial or massage makes you feel. Does the excitement not feel good? Do you not find it refreshing?

Now visualize your client as the one on the receiving end of these emotions. And you’re the professional getting them there! That’s what cosmetology can do. Most practicing cosmetologists find it rewarding that they can make a difference. They remove their clients from potentially stressful lives – even if briefly.

Now, consider taking this global. You can network with other salons and practitioners. They, in turn, can connect you to more professionals. In short, making a difference in the lives at such a large scale is possible through cosmetology. Were you aware of the impact beauty schools and education can have on society?

You’ll have an Option for an Apprenticeship

Many students choose to pay to go to cosmetology school. You can opt for that too. However, there is another option! You may not have to go to school and still be able to get a license! We suggest to all aspiring cosmetologists that they consider that. It is possible through an apprenticeship program. You learn the skills by working to pay for the lessons. And you don’t end up in debt!

Do homework to figure out which salons offer an apprenticeship to budding cosmetologists. In this scenario, you can work under a licensed pro – like with apprenticeships in other areas. The only major difference would be that you will be doing so at the salon and not in school. Should you choose to specialize in hairstyling, a licensed hairstylist will be your mentor. But you can also pick someone who’s an expert on nail care or makeup etc.

Other than the training that you can get at school, the apprenticeship offers something else. Real-life situations where you can match and apply the lessons. Just do some digging to see if a great program is available in your area.

So many students don’t qualify for financial assistance. Many of them rack up student debt to pay for cosmetology school. If you select apprenticeship, you might not be one of them!

No License for Specific Skills in Cosmetology

Some states require that even cosmetologists who braid hair have a license. But there are others that don’t. The logic is that since they don’t use any chemicals, heat, or scissors, a professional braider doesn’t need a license to do their job.

Hence, we’ll ask that you look up information that is pertinent and relevant to your choice of career. You might be living in such a state! Or, you may be somewhere that stipulates you take additional classes in lieu of getting a license.

With this guide, the goal is to help suggest alternatives that can still make your cosmetology dreams come true. Don’t go for the complete course if all you want to do is braid. Instead, pick the classes that will both give you the skills for the job and fulfill any requirements by the state.

In conclusion, a decision to study cosmetology doesn’t just end up with opportunities to work in the world of beauty. It can also be arrived at through different ways. Not all students enter this field with the same goal. To decide which option for cosmetology school is best for you, we’d recommend getting our career experts to help you!

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