What Can You Do With a Degree in Business?

Business is a vast and encompassing field. It is a major player in various professional settings, be they medical or education. Moreover, the central role of a business degree, if leveraged correctly, can prove to be transformational for your career.

Unfortunately, the mainstream careers overshadow the other ample opportunities this field has to offer. Accountants, financial analysts, and consultants have been the leading choices many students have picked. However, there is so much more you can do with a business degree in hand.

So, with today’s article, we aim to assist you in widening your horizons and explore! Just stick around, and you might just find an idea for the job of your dreams.

Here are a few business professions that could play an integral part in your success:

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers apply their business knowledge to fully maximize the use of media platforms to the benefit of their companies. Smart communication skills, strategic planning, and creative thinking are valuable attributes in a social media manager. These pros oversee each step from developing content to updating LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. Also, determining customer satisfaction, product popularity, and identifying the target audience are parts of the job description.

Average Salary: BLS estimates an annual average wage of about $135,900.

Job Outlook: Marketing managing has a job outlook that’s growing faster than average. Expect a rate of 8% if you choose this profession.

Business Teacher

Teaching might not be a career option that you select right off the bat. However, it sure is a very lucrative job. The uniqueness of being a business teacher lies in the bidirectional passage of knowledge. In this field, you can effectively educate the students and also get relevant information about their fields.

A business teacher’s interpersonal skills and verbal communication are their greatest qualities. Moreover, with high-school students as the audience, adopting a facilitator mindset is essential. Not only would it mimic an actual business setting, but it would also stimulate the students’ powers of critical thinking.

How does a facilitator mindset stimulate student learning than traditional teaching methods? Find out.

Average Salary: According to BLS, teachers earn $61,660 on average.

Job Outlook:  Expected job outlook growth is 4% from 2018-2028.

Corporate Attorney

Corporate attorneys enjoy the best of business and law. Majoring in business equips them with relevant knowledge and practices that allow them to practice business law. In addition, their problem-solving skills make corporate attorneys more competitive. Their area of expertise encompasses cases of bankruptcy, securities, contracts, mergers, tax collections, and business successions. In short, they handle the legal aspects that determine the reliability and stability of the company.

Average Salary: Corporate attorneys can get an annual mean wage ranging from $59,670 to as high as $208,000 depending on their experience and reliability.

Job Outlook: Employment of corporate lawyers is expected to go up by 8%, which is almost as fast as the mean growth rate of other professions.

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Healthcare Administrators

These professionals also have great command over two fields, i.e., medical and business. Their role in healthcare society ensures organizations practice efficient data storage. Besides that, healthcare administrators also contribute significantly to teamwork and effective communication within the healthcare industry. Documentation, referring specialists, and medical billing are a few of the tasks that they perform.

As a business major, do you have an interest in healthcare? Then medical billing is the profession for you. Click here to learn more.

Average Salary: A healthcare administrator can earn as low as $58,680 to as high as $182,600 as quoted by the BLS.

Job Outlook: Surprisingly, the job outlook for health administrators is good. You can expect to see 18% growth from 2018-2028.

Event Manager

Even though event managers can start working after completing a diploma, an event manager with a business degree gains a sharper competitive edge. This is because event management requires careful budgeting, financing, and organizational skills. Whether it is planning or selecting dates to catering and decorating, event managers must provide exemplary and client-specific services. They also have a stronghold over finances and accounts. Leadership qualities are equally essential to practice if you want to be a decent event manager.

Average Salary: With a mean income of $50,600, event managers can earn up to $86,390 annually.

Job Outlook: The expected growth rate for event management is 7%.

Personal Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor carries out similar duties as financial analysts and consultants but on a more non-commercial scale. For instance, they help families and individuals come up with the best retirement plans, look after their taxes, and make decisions about insurance. Other than that, they provide financial advice and help individuals invest profitably and adequately. Also, they can prove extremely helpful in the selection of long and short term saving plans, such as the ones for college expenses.

Average Salary: Personal financial advisors can earn about $87,850 on average each year.

Job Outlook: This profession has a job outlook that is growing at a faster than average rate of 7% between 2018-2028.

Investment Banker

A business degree can help you guide companies in procuring excellent investment plans and raise sufficient capital. As an investment banker, you’ll have knowledge of business entities and the latest market prices and stocks. Hence, you could become one of the best sources of advice to clients looking to make investments. Mainly, when businesses are in their initial stages of launching a new idea or product, they need capital. That’s where the investment bankers play their part.

Average Salary: According to the BLS, an investment banker can make $62,270 on average each year.

Job Outlook: There is an expected 4% growth from 2018-2028.

The list can go on because the opportunities are never-ending. However, you must identify your interests because, even in business, there are different specializing areas. These include accounts, economics, finance, etc.

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