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7 Ideas to Acquire New Skills during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Have we all not killed some of our dreams to keep up with the world? Do we not always think a little more time would help us acquire new skills? Despite the unfortunate and turbulent status of the world today, you can use this time to your advantage.

Full-time workers, particularly, who were working day and night, can relax a bit. Also, social distancing is taking societal pressure off our shoulders. The youth about to embark on one of their most important journeys, i.e., to college, now have more time to ponder over their decisions. In short, the coronavirus pandemic is giving us all a significant period we can use for self-reflection and grooming.

So, how do you intend to spend this unexpected break? Would you have interest in spending it while trying to acquire new skills? Or, will you let it be a nonstop affair of napping and binge-watching?

We knew you’d choose the former, so here you go:

Vocational Programs for the Win

What would you pursue if you hadn’t been in the profession you are today? Sometimes, we are forced to leave behind our passions or the urge to do something different. Usually, it’s so we can give undivided attention to our chosen field. Even so, all the time, you remember the thing that you really had your heart set on.

So, whether writing happens to be your passion, or you want to exercise your natural culinary skills. It may even be your love for electronics that you want to indulge in, you now have the time to do so. Such skills can also link you to the practical world and are known as vocational careers. They are solely based on your out-of-the-box interests. Often, they are completely unrelated to your current field. Take this time to acquire new skills in the pursuit of a side profession. Check out these online vocational programs to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Explore Career Options

How many times have we come to regret our majors in college? Sometimes, it’s because of inadequate research, lack of counseling, or maybe insufficient college funds. For those who are now going to enroll in a college, you have a golden opportunity to plan your college years properly. Take up a class or two outside of your chosen career and see what spikes your interest.

You also have the time to learn about other colleges. Make the best of this time to plan your future. Do you still feel lost and confused? Let us help you with these tips to help you get started.

Acquire New Skills to Stay Relevant

In your career, there may come a point when you start losing your flair. Somehow, your ways and style of doing things start becoming redundant. This usually occurs after you’re at the peak of success. Why does this happen you ask? Well, the world is really competitive. Thus, you need to keep refreshing your skill set to stay on top.

This means you need to spread your wings wider than before and keep yourself informed about the world around you. For example, if you’re an RN aiming to specialize as a BSN, you can study a bit of human resources management, psychology, or sociology on the side. This will set you apart as a more skilled BSN. Are you also aiming to switch to BSN? Here’s the guide that will help you make a well-informed decision.

Sign up to Avail Free Courses

Considering that a lot of people are now confined, many institutes are providing their online courses free of cost. Use this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to acquire new skills from the comfort of your home. Additionally, earn a certificate at the end of the course and increase your desirability as a potential hire!

Moreover, many paid applications with e-books and documentaries are also now free. You definitely do not want to regret missing out on them later. When it comes to learning, the sky’s the limit.

Invest in Personal Development 

Prioritize self-development to make the most of this lockdown. While we are struggling to navigate through these uncertain times, we have ample time to work on ourselves.

Just because you’ve got a lot of time on your hands doesn’t mean you should spend it only sleeping or stuffing yourself. Instead, find food for your soul. Meditation and exercise are the best ways to do that. Both refresh your mind and make you more productive for the day (Insert Link for Previous Article on Productivity). Or, learn how to carry yourself, how to converse, and other interesting stuff.

Get More Organized for an Improved Quality of Life

Utilize your time to correct your daily routine. Make following a balanced lifestyle into a habit. For instance, you can start by organizing your home — from your closet to your drawers in the kitchen or the bedroom. Aside from decluttering your home, you can also sort through your work files and categorize them.

An organized environment tends to promote creativity and productivity. This is also an ideal time to manage home finances, like going over your expenses and coming up with strategies to practice budgeting. Besides, you can study various investment plans and devise a future long-term plan too. If you’re a college student, start looking up financial aid programs. In case of any queries, refer to these frequently asked questions.

Take up a New Hobby

When did you play your guitar the last time or sketched a portrait? Let out your creativity to play and indulge in activities that make you feel at peace. Take out those badminton rackets catching dust or buckle up those roller-skates that you purchased excitedly. Revitalize your mind and soul. What’s more, doing these things can also help you cope up with depression – a side effect of the pandemic.

In short, the pandemic is the perfect chance for self-reflection and improvement.  Do it by enrolling for a course to learn something different or dusting off an old hobby. Either way, acquire new skills during this lockdown and emerge as a better version of yourself.

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