5 Productivity Hacks to Work from Home Effectively

The coronavirus pandemic not only brought with itself a wave of despair and fear but a sharp decline in the productivity of the working class of our population. Taking into account the exponential increase in the number of cases, the WHO declared a state of emergency in mid-March. However, even before that, many companies were advising their employees to work from home.

For many, their first time adjusting to a non-professional setting can be quite stressful. That is completely understandable, hence, we present you with this article. Make work from home more efficacious with these practical hacks:

Allocate a Work from Home Space

The lack of a professional environment is probably the most considerable inconvenience one can face when working from home. An office-feel definitely helps you stay organized and productive. The formalities and ethics that are a regular part of a workplace aren’t usually present at home.

The best you can do is imitate your workplace. Maybe you can change the temperature of your room to mimic the conditions at the office. Or, let in some natural light to feel like you’re back there. Whatever the case, make sure you alter a room present in a secluded area of your house — and definitely not where your bed is. Your home office should be ideal in every aspect, including access to your documents and laptop/computer and where you feel most comfortable.

Once you’ve decided on your home office, stick to it. If you recognize that corner as your office, you’ll find work from home much less hectic.

Lastly, use that room or area only when you work. So that whenever you enter, your body recognizes it as a stimulus to get to work.

Follow a Proper Routine

No matter how much you alter your home to suit your working criteria, you’ll be tempted to get comfortable while working. Also, when you know you just have to walk into another room to get to work, you may end up in bed for longer. On the other hand, it may also entice you to work overtime because there’s no pressure of braving traffic to get home.

To avoid this, treat any other day like a weekday. Get up at the same time you would on a working day. Most importantly, get out of those pajamas – they’re a trap! Select a decent attire and have a proper breakfast. This alerts your mind into working mode. Getting up at sunrise will also revitalize you and prepare you for a productive day of work from home.

On that note, start by planning out your day. Jot down your deadlines and classify them as either urgent or important. Then go on and make it happen!

Block out Distractions to Make Work from Home Easier

It is natural to slack when there is no supervision. As a professional, though, you must block out distractions. Entertainment and social media are the biggest culprits. The only way to break through is to consciously avoid using your phone as soon as you get up. Also, avoid sitting late at meals, as an excuse to escape work from home.

Once you work with concentration, you’ll feel you deserve the scheduled breaks. Earn every one of them and enjoy the sense of self-accomplishment that comes with it.

Besides these personal issues, also make sure to take care of external distractions. Always inform your family that you’ll be working in the designated spot. It will reduce the likelihood of interruptions.

Finally, if you have a kid who’s taking online classes during quarantine, you both can sit together. You can keep each other motivated. Here are a few reasons why online classes are a blessing in disguise while in quarantine, give it a read!


We cannot emphasize this point enough. The distancing and lack of socializing have undoubtedly strained your nerves. You may not even miss it, but the stress is definitely there. Aside from that, it is also interfering with the fluency of the work.

Communicating with your team, for instance, is necessary to work from home effectively. So, make the best use of online tools to stay in touch like Zoom, Skype, Air Table, Nova Tools, and Workplace by Facebook, etc.

Trying to maintain normality in life is not easy when you’re confined within the four walls of your home. This can depress you and affect the efficiency of your work. So, keep in mind that communicating with your family at meals and after work hours is essential too. Talk to your partner each morning and have a light-hearted conversation.

Video call your relatives and children studying abroad. This will help decrease the tension that the COVID-19 has brought. Moreover, it will allow you to keep up with your relations and ensure their well-being.

Balance Work from Home and Personal Life

Now that you work from home, it’s going to be more challenging to segregate your professional and private life. Top that with being a full-time working parent and things get even more challenging. Want to know how to juggle your career and kids together? Check this out.

Nevertheless, you must departmentalize your priorities. Don’t let your personal life meddle during your hours of work — unless it’s an emergency. Similarly, it often gets hard keeping track of time while working from home. And you may compromise on your health and family time. Knowing how to balance these two will make work from home, less complicated, and haphazard.

On that note, do not overwork yourself. If you ever feel that work is becoming burdensome, take a break. Do not forget to add breaks in your personal timetable as well. They could be in the guise of a short nap, a stroll around the block, or a much-needed cup of coffee on the balcony. Remember, staying healthy is even more important now, considering the uncertain pandemic situation.

Some of us may believe that having to work from home can get very hectic. Others think it a piece of cake but overexert themselves. These productivity hacks easily allow you to transform your home into a healthy, working environment. Find more COVID-19 survival tips here.

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