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5 Ways to Maintain a Study Routine During the Pandemic

The bad omens and superstitions of how the twenties of each century usually begin apply to this one too! And while the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting what we consider a normalized lifestyle, it has hit the educational sector even harder. Before we check out how to maintain a study routine, let us look at…

How has the Corona Pandemic affected the Educational Sector?

The pandemic may have brought the present to a standstill. But its hindrance to the youth to keep gaining knowledge has also put our future at stake. The uncertain situation means that all educators and students remain in a pitiful dilemma. Indeed, they collectively strive not to let go of the few alternatives that keep them connected. The anxiety and irresoluteness due to the state of the world make things pretty difficult and often discouraging.

Current statistics show that 56 countries have closed all educational institutes, affecting over 516.6 million students all over the world. An MIT professor and Director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab, Justin Reich, stated the sad reality of the inaccessibility of a large number of public school students to computers, internet, or even a place to study. It is those students who face the greatest effect of the “online penalty.”

However, it is crucial that all students plan out a suitable schedule to maintain their study routine during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you might have different studying strategies and temperaments. That said, the following ways can generally prove helpful in achieving a productive day of studying:

Maintaining Your Study Routine

The secret to training yourself and making your day more productive are three essential elements – routine, discipline, and balance. Even though it can be difficult staying true to a certain set of guidelines in such uncertain cases. It’s the least you can do. So, begin with:

Carve Out a Studying Plan

Just because you’re confined to your home nowadays, do not let it get to you. Start your day like you would have before the pandemic. Get up early in the morning — whenever your school day begins –, dress up, and have a hearty breakfast. Do this as regularly as possible. This will bring back a little normality to your life.

Next, follow the study timetable like before. Dedicate each slot to a particular subject that you intend to study.  Planning out your day automatically attunes you to accomplishing your tasks for each day and keeps you motivated. However, make sure that the daily goals you set are realistic and achievable. If you’re working or doing any other household chore alongside studying, then you can cut yourself some slack. You are already juggling the struggles of living in quarantine as well – go easy on yourself!

Discipline yourself

You could possibly strategize every step of your day. That’s because compliance is the key to accomplishment. You need to comprehend the importance of punctuality and discipline in your life.

Organize your room or any available space in your house so that it imitates a study environment as much as possible. This means that you will have easy access to all your study material. Additionally, the space would be secluded and, so, subjected to minimum external distractions. Make sure your study material is not all over the place. For that, you can use a portable cardboard box, backpack, or crate.

Block out any Distractions

Inform your family members about your schedule so that you do not have to constantly divide your attention between helping them out and studying. Dedicate a separate time slot for that. The fewer distractions you’ll have, the easier it is to focus. Interruption of any sort can break the flow and decrease your concentration span.

On the same note, you need to realize that this break from school is not a vacation. You may even face many internal temptations to cheat on your schedule. Regardless, you must observe punctuality. P.S. This will also prevent you from having the time to think about how depressing the lockdown has become!

Strike the Perfect Balance 

The little treats and breaks you give yourself during or after you’ve completed your goals for the day can greatly complement your study routine. You may, for instance, reward yourself an extra hour of binge-watching your favorite show or delve into a delicious dessert. Other than that, you can take breaks by pursuing a hobby. What’s more, if you find what you’re good at, you’ll have an alternative career to fall back on, such as arts.

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Realize that your aim for this quarantine is grooming yourself and learning more. And you can only do that if your body and mind are fresh enough to function. Also, it may do you good to step out on your balcony or porch. Get a doze of fresh air and sunlight before returning to your books.

Stay Positive and Focus on Personal Growth

Life before the pandemic was so chaotic that it had become almost mechanical. This unexpected interval is providing all of us with a unique opportunity to ponder on our way of living. This is also the perfect time for students to explore their options and learn where their interest lies, especially those who still have to decide on a college major.

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Nevertheless, don’t direct all your focus only to your career. Make an effort to learn about other things during self-isolation.

Conclusively, all these behavioral changes will help you cope up with the blues that may arise due to your current status. Staying positive and energetic can become a feat at such times. However, you should understand that this is not the end. And many untapped opportunities are awaiting you in the future. Considering you have so much time on your hands, go through all the programs we offer. Pick the one that catches your heart. Contact us for detailed information on them. Because, hey, we’re all in the same COVID-19 boat!

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