5 Online Vocational Certificate Programs

A vocational certificate can be considered the best of both worlds. It doesn’t cost as much as a degree program does. But it also helps increase your chances of finding a high-paying job as a diploma or a degree would. Moreover, many vocational certificate programs don’t take as long to complete as the other options do. Some of them only last for six months!

Therefore, a vocational certification is a good alternative. It equips you with the training that you need and qualifies you for various jobs. Aside from that, these programs come in many different flavors. Thus, you can walk out as a good candidate for healthcare, IT, and even administration sectors.

Since the right vocational certificate program can be equally useful to both newcomers and old hands in various fields, we thought we’d list some good ones for you. But before we get into that, find some more advantages of such programs below:

Why Invest Time and Money in Getting a Vocational Certificate?

The numerous benefits to completing a certificate program make it such a good option. Besides the fact that a Vocational Certificate boosts your skills and abilities and makes you a suitable candidate, there are other advantages. For one, it will make you stand out in the job market, especially when you’re searching for your first employment opportunity. Say, you want to get into the IT industry. However, your education wasn’t classical, or you hail from a different field. With a program that focuses on building the knowledge bases necessary for entry into the IT industry, you can change that.

But even for those who already have established themselves in a certain career, a certification can make a difference. For example, they allow you to hone a particular trending skill or learn a necessary one, such as via project management certificates.

However, let us emphasize these certificates cannot substitute for professional licenses and certification. Teaching, for instance, requires a license, and you cannot find a place at a school until you acquire it.

Now, let us check out the vocational certifications that can lead you towards money and success:

Emergency Medical Technician

The average hourly salary is $14.65 in the US for this post. But what do these programs do? They train you in the prerequisite skills that are essential for a career in healthcare. For instance, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification ensures that a patient remains breathing while on the way to the hospital. You must have a vocational certificate before you can perform CPR, or you may endanger the patient further.

In short, the knowledge that will allow you to care for or respond to injured and ill individuals caught in an emergency comes through such a program. That includes stabilizing someone who’s having a heart attack, giving first aid, etc.

Should you consider a desirable position in the emergency medical services, we’d suggest shoring up as many of these certifications as you can. Bolster your position and desirability as a candidate further with a 6-month EMT training program. Then you can operate effectively in a crisis. Additionally, you’ll need state licensure. But the faster than average job growth rate makes this career a great choice in 2018-2028.

Vocational Certificate Program for Court Reporting

If you can count on any job to remain relevant, it would most likely be related to healthcare or law enforcement. After all, humans won’t stop falling sick – at least, out of an Asimovian science fiction novel. And they aren’t likely to stop committing crimes either – again, we aren’t talking about sci-fi! So, jobs for court reporters are highly likely to be present.

And what do you need to avail yourself of them? A simple certificate course that will be suitable for not the justice system and in the television industry. You’d be looking at earning $47,000 in a year.

Enter the Field of Dressmaking and Design with a Vocational Certificate

In this case, the salary will depend on where you fit. For instance, you might want to work as a tailor in a major clothing brand. Alternatively, you may want to begin your own line as a designer. Thus, what you earn — and have to learn – will be determined by your niche.

But certificate programs that teach you the skills to selecting the right fabric and how to work with specific fabric types exist. Most local colleges have one. In any case, entry level salaries amount to $34,330. The number will grow with changes in your job description.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

As the name would suggest, you’d be working with machines, such as elevators and escalators. The job requires finishing a vocational certificate that trains you to understand the intricacies of the said machines. You will also put them together and maintain them, so they meet the safety standards.

Elevator installers and repairers do need to undergo an apprenticeship that ends with a certificate upon completion. However, we’d recommend you check if your state also asks for licenses. The BLS predicts a higher than the national average growth rate in this area too.

Vocational Certificate Program to Become an Insurance Appraiser for Cars

With this one, you can even switch industries, let alone jobs. Be ready for work that takes you to your office but also calls you to the field. Besides that, you will find the job to be relatively stress-free.

To become an insurance appraiser, you’ll need to finish a certificate course. You’ll walk out with the expertise in estimating the cost of repair for damaged cars. But you can choose to either work freelance – find the requirements here — or with an insurance company. The average salary is $50,000-$60,000.

To step into the wonderful world of vocational certificate programs, you won’t have to study for years and years. You can also earn a high paying spot with that amount of schooling. So, pick the field that catches your heart. Then, contact us to find what you’ll need to enroll in a program that speaks to you.

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