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Vocational Careers: 6 of the Best in 2020 that Pay Well and Won’t Bore You!

Before we talk vocational careers, answer if it surprised you at how quickly 2020 sneaked up on you? We sure are! But now it may be time to shake off the amazement and make plans for this shiny new year. And just as everything is changing around us due to the fast-paced technological advances, so is the route to education and careers.

Firstly, many students are just beginning to realize that not going to college may not figuratively signal the end of the world! Moreover, the increasing demand for experts of various vocational trades is changing the career landscape. Therefore, jobs – and the degrees leading to them – that used to be the rage aren’t as relevant or fashionable today.

Are you completing your last year in high school in 2020? Well, then you may want to see what else is there besides the tried-and-tested professions. Below, we list some greatly rewarding vocational careers that will put your trade school skills to good use:

Rethinking college? You aren’t alone!

Web Development

Internet has roped almost every aspect of life to itself. Whether it is fashion or writing, it is de rigueur for all novel things to happen on the web. Given the assurance that it is here to stay, the internet is now an essential part of the economy. Should you doubt that, just take a look at how successful companies like Facebook, Google, and Uber are these days.

Their proliferation is what makes one of the many vocational careers so profitable to you. Now, it might be true that a bachelor’s degree may strengthen your position as an applicant in the world of web development. However, there’s no harm in beginning with a vocational qualification and progressing to other degrees later on. What’s more, you can also set yourself apart by further developing your skills through experience.

As a web developer, you could earn an average annual salary of $76,271.

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Applied Marine Technology in Vocational Careers

For this profession, you’ll require quite specialized education. After all, your main task would be to keep watercraft running correctly. Your responsibilities as a marine mechanic can include testing various systems of the boat, such as fuel and electrical, replacing faulty parts, and preventative maintenance.

However, the exclusivity of the training is outweighed by the wide range of places where marine mechanics can find employment. Some spots include all seaports and marinas but also inland-boats, such as those at amusement parks, and stranded boats.

You’d be surprised at how many community colleges offer an Associate’s program in Applied Marine Technology. While completing it, your course will also keep you updated on the latest developments in your field.

The median annual income of marine mechanics falls at $44,882.

Pharmacy Technology

The BLS indicates that the job outlook for pharmacy technicians looks favorable this year. Additionally, their median annual salary increased to $32,700 in 2018. But what does a pharmacy technician actually do? As one, you’d be in charge of the medication that a pharmacist prescribes to their patients. Besides that, you’ll spend your time labeling those prescriptions, mixing medications, and dealing with customers.

In vocational careers like this, a high school degree is necessary. Later, you can get your employer to train you. However, do inquire if your state requires the completion of a state exam. Some places do so that you can earn Pharmacy Technician Board and the National Healthcareer Association certifications.

Automotive Service Technology in Vocational Careers

When you enroll into an automotive service technology program, you study how a vehicle’s system works. That’s so you can learn how to repair cars that don’t function optimally. An attractive quality of such programs is that they are based on very hands-on curricula.

Additionally, students also gain viable knowledge via industry-experienced instructors. Thus, when you do walk out, you do after becoming highly knowledgeable on:

  • Engine performance
  • Brakes and tires
  • Steering and suspension
  • Electrical and air conditioning

Automotive service technicians can draw $40,710 per year. This is the ideal choice out various of vocational careers for individuals who love automobiles and are curious to see how it all comes together!


Electricians are a part of so many tasks, whether on a project happening on a construction site or in homes, factories, and businesses. You see them installing and managing wiring and lighting systems, solving, electrical problems, and contributing to architecture in many other ways.

In 2018, electricians drew a median income of $55,190 annually for this position. To become one yourself, you can attend trade school initially. Later on, you can sign up for additional training through your employer, a contractor association, or a union group. Do check if your state requires applicants to become licensed before they can work as electricians.

Energy Management in Vocational Careers

Energy managers or energy auditors are in the business of evaluating energy usage and assessing the water systems. With the information they get from homes, businesses, etc., they come up with plans to reduce energy use and cost while increasing efficiency.

You can find work with environmental agencies in certifying sustainable buildings. Also, companies looking to make their facilities more energy-efficient may hire energy managers. At times, they also act as advisors to utility companies for the betterment of communities. Thus, energy auditors work with the government, bodies at community-level, and even in the private sector.

They may earn as much as $81,199 per year.

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As evident, our intention with this article was to provide students with a broader view of the educational options available to them. With this information, we’re sure you will also find the enthusiasm in learning new skills of value for vocational careers in the marketplace. We hope that you will consider it as an introduction to a world of high-paying careers. Most of these options require little schooling while suggesting new opportunities to students. Want to discover more about what trade schools can offer? Then contact us for more ideas!

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