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Business Major: 5 Careers You Can Start with One

If you’re a business major then you’re in luck. Specifically, because there are several job opportunities in this very versatile discipline. It covers many areas, such as:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

Business majors develop useful skills. It enables them to contribute to both the corporate arena and the non-profit workspace. They can also think analytically and are experts at calculations. These students can also assess data and evaluate financial impacts. They use figures to highlight their propositions.

This educational field can kick start your career quickly! It may also assign you a position with the top enterprises in the market on a good salary. The advantages obviously depend on the company you plan to work with.

Listed below are the potential top careers you can adopt with a business degree:

From Business Major to Business Management

Specifically, Business Management and leadership are the common areas of study for a business major. However, large-scale companies and enterprises look for strong leadership qualities and management skills too. These qualities lead a company down a profitable path.

Look at some jobs available in management:

1. Management Consultants

Management consultants are also referred to as management analysts. Their job is to apply analytical and problem-solving skills in their assignments. They execute these projects by using presentation skills and the lessons learned while pursuing their degree. These individuals are skilled in collecting data, organizing it, and creating the respective reports.

Analysts must be proficient users of technology. For instance, they will manage and present data to their clients. Also, they will prepare spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. They can execute these tasks due to their experience of doing class projects.

The average salary of a management consultant is $67,730.

2. Business Risk Consultant

With a business major, this position can give you a very successful career. If you are a consultant, then you can utilize your expertise in business, finance, and corporate risk to make decisions for the company. Your job will also require you to assess and foresee statistical data. This data will be further used in making company policies.

Business risk consultants majorly work with insurance companies. Chiefly, as one, you’ll have to oversee numerous risks, and will be asked to provide a consultation on these agendas. You will be required to work in the high-level management sector. Mainly, your task would be to make significant decisions about the company, and for that, you’ll need to possess excellent problem-solving and analytical capabilities.  Also, proficiency in statistical software falls among the requirements.

A bachelor’s degree in business is sufficient for this job. The average salary is $84,265.

Accounting and Finance

A business degree usually covers up the major areas in finance and accountancy. However, if you want to enter this field, it is advisable to opt for advanced qualifications. You can apply for a graduate-level position job and complete the particular course as they work. Thus, you will be receiving the required qualifications while earning. In large corporations, the employer usually pays for a specialized course.

If you enter into the field of accounting and finance, you would have to assess the financial situation of businesses — both in the past and present. You’ll be advising clients on financial situations and looking after business transactions. You’ll also be managing records and involved in mergers and acquisitions.

3. Accountant Executive

In this job, you’ll be responsible for bringing in new clients, satisfying them, and maintaining client relationships. An account executive usually partners with a sales team to create strategies, depending on the company’s performance. These individuals are required to be a peoples’ person and have excellent leadership skills in order to lead others in a corporate scenario.

Their average salary is $59,416.

4. Financial Analyst

As a business major, you learn to determine the strong and weak points of a business. Other than that, you also find out how to assess the latest trends. A financial analyst uses these skills and evaluates the investments for the parent company or their clients. They analyze the financial statements, calculate ratios and figures, and conduct reports regarding investments and corporate resources.

As a financial analyst, you will need a strong hold on finance, mathematics, accounts, and economics. The minimum salary of a financial analyst is $69,250.

From Business Major to Sales and Retail

Job opportunities in the sales and retail departments are numerous. The positions available are quite diverse. But, you would be required to have a sound knowledge of the global market even while traveling. In order to be proficient, you’d also need to have a strong command over numbers and communication skills. Every company needs a sales department. However, you might directly interact with the customers while working for some. Or, you could be responsible for making decisions about higher sales in other organizations.

5. Purchasing Manager

Companies buy products for manufacturing or for reselling purposes. The person who looks after these operations is called the purchasing manager. Thus, the individual is responsible for managing the suppliers and the received products. If you’re a business major and searching for a kick-start, this can be a great option. In this occupation, you would have to negotiate with the vendors. You’ll also administer a team and look after the entire process. The purchasing manager is supposed to decide the suitable prices, through vendors, for both durable and non-durable materials.

Additionally, you must also qualify in the following ways. Firstly, purchasing managers should be comfortable and skillful in dealing and working with a network of vendors. Secondly, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in logistics, business administration, and business management. The average salary of a purchase manager is $115,385.


In conclusion, the career choices listed above are very distinctive and versatile. Hence, business majors have a lot of scope in choosing potentially paying jobs in the corporate world. Are you a recent high school pass out? Or are you someone who wants to go back to school? Either way, getting confused with so many options is common for applicants. So, check out our website to learn more about online programs, scholarships, and degrees!

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