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Medical Careers: 5 Jobs in Demand, 2020

Medical jobs are quite in demand, and their popularity is predicted to increase with each passing year. The usual professions that one thinks of when one hears medical career are those of a doctor, surgeon, or physician. However, the healthcare industry is a unique field where you can discover different jobs. From a medical assistant to a surgeon, the options are very diverse and adaptable for most individuals.

Therefore, we have shortlisted for you a list of suitable medical occupations, with good salary benefits, and a potentially bright future:

Home Health Aides

To begin with, it is one of those occupations which is gradually employing increasing numbers of people. If you like caring for and tending to peoples’ needs, then this job is ideal for you. Home health aides provide assistance, support, and care to the people suffering from an illness, old age, disability, and cognitive impairment. Moreover, the demands of this occupation are completely dependent on the kinds of patients and their conditions.

This job in the medical field can require a lot of physical exertion, though. Some home health aides also manage the patients’ routinely errands, house chores, and housekeeping. Mostly, however, they are supposed to monitor the vital signs and look over the medication intake of their patients.

Ordinarily, the home health aides are hired by an agency or directly by a patient’s family. They usually work from within the patient’s home or out of a residential care facility.

This job doesn’t require academic criteria. Interested individuals are usually trained during their jobs by nurses and medical professionals. Several training programs are available, such as licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and certified nursing assistants (CNA).

The average overtime pay of a home health aide range is about $4,000/ year. This career is going to expand at a rate of 41 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are supposed to work in both medical and administrative sectors. Usually, they work in medical offices or with physicians. The assistants are mostly assigned to work with doctors and nurses, arranging blood samples, monitoring patients’ health, and preparing exam rooms.

Consequently, some of the common tasks they undertake are mentioned in more detail below.

  • Clinical duties: This will contain tasks, such as collecting laboratory specimens. They are responsible for preparing patients for examination, keeping a record of important signs, and helping doctors in office-related matters.
  • Administrative tasks: Medical assistants are assigned to communicate with patients, attend calls, keep patient record information updated, plan appointments, and manage the hospital and laboratory testing.
  • Other medical responsibilities: They also assist dentists, optometrists, and other specialists in their work.

Since most medical assistants get trained on the job, and with this career choice, you won’t need a specific degree. They usually work in hospitals, physician’s offices, home health services, and nursing facilities. Medical assistants earn $ 35,474.

If you’re thinking to pursue a career as a medical assistant, then you need to focus on these subjects in school:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Corporate experience
  • Administration regarding medicine
  • Customer service
  • IT proficiency

Furthermore, the job outlook for this profession seems bright. In the coming years, there will be a 29% rise in the number of positions for this job.

Physical Therapists

Next, we have physical therapists who are licensed medical professionals who deal with people suffering from disabilities and limitations in their physical movements and mobility. Generally, students who want to pursue this field must have a doctorate degree. Even so, this is a suitable career choice for people with a background in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology.

Physical therapists work with patients to prevent any other form of injury. Additionally, a skilled physical therapist can help fix body aches and injuries.

Some of the usual medical problems treated by a physical therapist are below:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Fractures
  • Knee Pain
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Joint Replacement
  • Stroke

For this job, you are required to have an in-depth knowledge of the human body and strong interpersonal skills. A physical therapist offers therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, soft-tissue massage, and ultrasound as part of their treatment procedures. Their work settings are quite flexible. They can work in:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Sports and fitness institutes
  • Home care agencies
  • Private clinics

A report was published by the Chicago-based Challenger Grey and Christmas. It is a renowned outplacement firm in the US. In their report, they mentioned that the demand for physical therapists would greatly increase by 2020.

Moreover, besides the fact that the job definitely has its perks, it also offers a decent amount of pay. The yearly salary of a physical therapist amounts to $76,310.

Registered Nurses (Medical Settings)

Above all, this profession is counted amongst the top successful occupations for the upcoming year. Registered nurses accompany medical practitioners, therapists, surgeons, physicians, and licensed practical nurses to look after the patients and their needs. Furthermore, registered nurses work in medical and nonmedical settings.  They work in places that offer medical care to the patients, such as hospitals, surgical centers, medical schools, nursing homes, and clinics.

Registered nurses are required to have at least an Associate degree in medical sciences. Many RNs also have a bachelor’s degree. To become a registered nurse, they must pass the nursing program and qualify for the National Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam).

The job prediction for registered nurses is terrific! Their average growth rate will reach up to 19% in the next 10 years. For the most part, this rapid increase will occur due to a rise in the aged American population and diseases that are related to aging.

So, there are going to be more opportunities in the future of care and home healthcare facilities for RNs. Finally, the yearly salary of a registered nurse is $75,510 per year. Medical careers are vast and have been in demand for a while.

To conclude, in this article, we presented you with various occupations that will give you the bucks, job satisfaction, and a challenging work environment. We know you care about your future and like everyone else, want a suitable career. Fortunately, we have got your back. We have numerous other blogs and articles to guide you in choosing the right career! So, go there now for more information.

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