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Scholarship: 10 Opportunities for Academic Aid

Try gunning for any of the following unusual scholarships:

$1,000 from the Thanksgiving Scholarship

We are all aware that turkey is part of the Thanksgiving meal tradition. However, not all families follow conventional norms. From lasagna to Jell-O, to a bacon-wrapped deliciousness, anything can be a part of the Thanksgiving the menu.

The sponsors of this quirky scholarship are wondering, what is the most unusual dish you were served at a Thanksgiving dinner? Tell them about your food adventure and experiences to avail a $1,000 scholarship. Use it for school or to pay back those student loans. Be it delicious or horrendous, they accept all kinds of responses! The deadline for this award is November 30.

It is open to candidates who are currently or will be enrolled by the fall of 2020 in a college, university, or trade school.

$1,000 for the ASD Scholarship

This scholarship award can cover up the cost of tuition at a university, college, junior college, trade, or vocational school. The successful candidate may choose an institute, and the funds will be transferred directly to it.

The United States citizens diagnosed with ASD (DSM-V) are eligible for this award, provided they are willing to go further in education. Fortunately, the applicants are not required to be enrolled in a school when they submit the application to win this grant. However, they should utilize the scholarship money within one year, starting from the date of the award’s announcement. If you intend to submit your application, apply before February 17, 2020.

$1,500 from the Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship

The Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship is a college scholarship. It grants $1,500 to a graduate student, undergraduate, or a senior at high school. The student should show brilliant achievements. For instance, actively participating in school activities will count in their favor. So, will demonstrating leadership – at school or in their community. The most important prerequisite, though, is being passionate about pursuing a career in the health and fitness disciplines. The money won is for academic expenses.

$2,000 from the “No Essay” College Scholarship™

It is open to all high school and college students. To apply, log in, or create a free account. You have until November 30, 2019, to apply this year. The great thing about the opportunity is that it doesn’t require an essay. The scholarship can be utilized to fund tuition, books, housing, and any education-related expenses. The sponsors choose a winner on a monthly basis through a lucky draw. They will contact the winner, who will also make an appearance in Niche’s e-newsletter and the Scholarship Winners page. Each individual can apply only once each month.

$2,000 from the Spring Forward Scholarship

Academy of Art University announces its 2020 Spring Forward Scholarship. A limited number of awards — worth up to $2,000 each — go to help ambitious artists and designers. Working adults searching for a career upgrade can benefit from this scholarship opportunity. But, so can college students seeking to transfer courses.

You can apply here for the Spring Forward Scholarship. The deadline for the upcoming essay and artwork submission is November 15, 2019.  Submit your portfolio and essay as early as possible!

$3,000 from the OAR’s Scholarship Program

Autistic students can apply to this program that grants $3,000-worth scholarships. The criterion is that the applicants must be pursuing post-secondary education. However, at one time, students may only apply to one OAR scholarship.

$4,000 from the Austin College Theatre Scholarship

Students who have theatre as a major or minor can apply for this scholarship. It is available in the form of a limited number of awards annually. To be eligible, though, the applicants must show up for a live audition or present their portfolios. There will also be an interview with the theatre faculty. Moreover, the award is renewable each year. For continued patronage, the student must meet the theatre’s satisfactory performance expectations. Apply here.

$15,000 from the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

The aim of this challenge – and the monetary reward that comes with it – is to prevent reckless driving among teens. The creators of this challenge think that teens will respond better to a message coming from same-aged individuals. Hence, the applicants’ task is creating a video that will motivate your fellow peers to drive safely. If they qualify, then they’ll receive a chance to win one of the 15 amazing prices!

The video will be judged in the following manner:

  • Creativity (50% of score):  Points for an evergreen approach and artistic perspective
  • Content (30% of score): Points for narrating a great story that is also motivational 
  • Presentation (20% of score): Points for showing consideration and getting the message across with a brief video

$15,000 from Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship

For eligibility for the Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship, a student must be a dependent of roadway workers, such as their spouse or parents. The goal behind this award is helping those workers’ families after the former’s death or disability in construction or maintenance activities. The applicant must enroll at a post-secondary school or institution requiring a high school diploma or G.E.D. for admission.

$20,000 from Foot Locker

For the ninth year, Foot Locker will be presenting an incoming college freshman with an award of $20,000 in scholarship funding to pursue a 4-year college degree. This award is for candidates who have benefitted from sports and turned into strong, resilient leaders at school and in their respective communities.  

As a bonus surprise, one of the 20 winners will be selected for the Ken C. Hicks scholarship too! The basis for qualifying for the prize is a display of strong educational achievement, brilliant leadership, and true sportsmanship. The lucky winner will achieve an additional $5000 reward, including the total sum of $25,000.

The program begins accepting scholarship applications in mid-July. This continues either until 1,000 scholarship applications are submitted. Or, till August 1st, 2020.  

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