5 Best STEM Scholarships for Women 2020-2021

The STEM fields have multitudes of opportunities for women. Female students looking to enter similar fields shouldn’t let their financial issues prevent them from doing so. To that end, we present five of the best STEM scholarships below:

The Society of Women Engineers Antelope Valley Section

The best thing about this scholarship is its renewability. While we discuss the one available to women in the Antelope Valley, it has other versions too. In any case, undergraduates enrolled in engineering studies have the chance to win two awards worth $1000.

The corporations of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman fund this award. Their objective is to encourage more women to take up engineering, including computer science. They require students with good academic abilities, willing to head research projects, act as leaders, and participate in technical organizations in other capacities. The eligibility criteria also include that the female applying for this award is a student in an ABET accredited engineering program.

If you have aptitude in technologically-advanced fields, then don’t let this chance get away from you!

AWIS Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award

The AWIS Educational Foundation is behind this award. It is specifically aimed at both college sophomores and juniors. The applicant must be studying either geoscience or a physics-related subject, such as space physics and geophysics.

On winning it, the female student will receive $2,000 annually. A great thing about this scholarship is that the winner will be free to spend their award money on books, travel, tuition, and even housing. AWIS requirements mandate that all applicants should not only be excellent in her studies. They also want individuals who are exceptionally well-rounded. That means students who are great at non-academic pursuits, such as outdoor activities, sports, service, or music, are eligible as well.

WTM Scholarship for Computer Science & Gaming

The Women Techmakers Scholars each get 10,000 USD to spend during their academic year should they win this scholarship. While the judges will consider an applicant’s academic performance, they will look at other factors too. A few areas of their focus include a candidate’s impact on demonstrated leadership and diversity.

All female students who can satisfy the minimum qualifications for this award should apply for it. A high school degree and registration at an accredited university are sufficient for getting in through the door for students. Aiming at higher studies and continuing down the road of community outreach and professional development will seal the deal!

They will enjoy other benefits too, such as an invitation to the annual Google Scholars Retreat. Therefore, next summer, you may be rubbing elbows with Googlers, attend development workshops, and converse with other scholars!

The Science Ambassador Scholarship

This one may be the easiest to apply to since it foregoes the need of any essay-writing. Instead, the student should film a three-minute-long video of themselves and send it in. In the video, an applicant should discuss which STEM topic holds their attention and why. You can use these previous applications as your guide.

The eligibility requirements include enrollment at either a high school senior or college – as an undergraduate. The outcome will depend on an advisory board of women – all of whom hold higher degrees and have expertise in STEM fields. The finalists will receive their verdict early in 2020. After that, they can prep for the next round, which necessitates the submission of additional materials.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

A good thing about The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is its commitment of matching a million dollars donation towards educational programming in their field! To make that happen, it has granted more than 750 scholarships and awards. These opportunities are available for students from around the world.

So, if you are an undergraduate – whether a senior, sophomore, or a junior – interested in the field of aerospace, then you could win between $500-5000. However, the organization also extends this opportunity to all science and engineering students. Moreover, the scholarship is renewable until you graduate.

There is also a Graduate Awards Program. Its mission is to make the track to higher education smoother for students with research records in the air and space fields. In both cases, you will have to become a member of the AIAA, possess an unblemished record within the organization, and complete an academic post-secondary semester. While you continue to study and get good grades, you will remain eligible for this scholarship.

Winning Strategies for STEM Scholarships

We’d also like to share some tips that will assist you when you are doing a scholarship search. Before you even begin it, do some soul-searching first. Ask yourself what makes you a competitive and unique scholarship applicant? Why would an organization fund your request for higher education? This is an important step because, in 2019, STEM scholarships are everywhere – especially for women. However, the students applying to them are present in large numbers too. Therefore, you must convey your individuality if you want to stand out!

While pondering your uniqueness, we’d suggest also thinking about any skills you may possess. For instance, are you a good writer? If that’s a yes, it may be your ticket to wowing the judges. Don’t believe an ability to turn a phrase will amount to much? You are wrong! Think about it: most STEM students have a higher aptitude for math than they do for English – or language skills. Applying for an award that prizes great essay writing may be just what you need!

After you are done considering your literary skills, move on to other reasons for your uniqueness. Could it be your heritage? Are you active in your community? Do you have artistic talents? Is your culture the reason you stand out? There are options – for scholarships – that prefer their applicants to have one of these specific qualities. Find the ones applicable to your case best and throw your hat in the right ring.

We offer counseling and guidance to all our students. Together, we can find the most suitable scholarship for you!

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