6 Careers Worth Going Back to School for

The requirements of skills for most jobs have drastically changed over the years. The Great Recession of 2008 is mainly responsible for the shift. It led to a greater emphasis towards analytical and technical skills. These kinds of skills are considered important in industries, such as health administration and IT management.

For someone like you who is considering going back to school, acquiring these skills can have great benefits. They can elevate you above the other candidates in a potential pool of employees.

Below is a list of several careers in popular demand – and the skills they require —  that are worth going back to school for:

Data Scientist- a fresh occupation

Organizations and businesses require data scientists to skillfully assess data and convert it into helpful information. There are several universities offering specific degree programs, regarding data science. There is a Master’s program available, called Masters in Data Science. This program was created to assist and guide students towards an in-depth knowledge of this promising field. You will learn about the data lifecycle and the methods for processing huge quantities of it into useful datasets. The latter, as refined information, is the product that an organization will utilize.

Medical Administrative Assistant and the requirements for the job

Do you want to work in the medical field but don’t want any direct patient contact? If your answer is yes, then a job as a medical secretary will be suitable for you. However, scheduling appointments is not the only task that medical secretaries handle. Their designation requires managing medical reports, creating medical charts, and looking over billing, as well.

The candidates suitable for this field should have standard medical knowledge. Such information can include medical terminologies, procedures, and technology. A strong command on clerical skills would be a plus.

Applicants can get entry-level positions with a high-school diploma. We’d suggest opting for a particular training program, though. It will give you an added advantage in getting the position you desire.

There are numerous technical schools and community colleges offering programs in medical administration. There, students learn the fundamentals of administration and relevant medical technology.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and their duties

Industrial-organizational psychologists apply their research in improving the welfare and performance of the employees and the organizations responsible for their recruitment. They are in charge of various duties related to employee selection, leader development, and well-being, motivation, and accommodation in a workplace. An emphasis on these aspects can lead to positive changes in an organization.

You will require a master’s degree for this job. However, employees with vast work experience can also apply. Usually, psychology designations require a doctorate. But that’s not the criterion for industrial-organizational psychologists.

Web Developer; a versatile career choice

Is multi-tasking your thing? If it is, then becoming a web developer might be a good career option! This career will offer you an opportunity for further education. To-be and experienced web developers can both opt for an associate’s degree or a four-year program in web design. A fusion of graphic design and coding of websites is good enough to become a web developer too.

Web developers tend to be very adaptable, and they can be a part of a marketing or design agency. They can even work independently. This field can also enable them to become entrepreneurs. That would entail creating websites for other ventures and professionals.

Operations Research Analysts- a demanding occupation

Operations research analysts  are responsible for helping businesses function smoothly. They make that happen by collecting data and utilizing analytical information.

An intriguing part of this job is that you’ll be aware of how a business operates. This career option is suitable for individuals who don’t want to be committed to one particular department. There is a high growth rate of this occupation, indicating the popularity of this position.

The pros of being an Educator

Teaching is a fun, informative occupation. It also has great stature as it is responsible for developing the young minds of the future generation. The starting salary of a teacher might be pretty low in comparison to other careers. However, experience and a master’s degree can land you a high-paying job! Moreover, entering this field a little later in life will be wiser than starting fresh out of college.

A part of the attractive package that is the teacher’s job is their schedule. They get summers off and Christmas breaks. The hours are flexible too, so you can be a student and earn too! This occupation has the highest job satisfaction rates.

For this job, you need a bachelor’s degree and some certifications. You can also teach English as a second language to students in foreign countries without moving, if you do so online!

Is it worth going back to school?

Choosing to go back to grad school is a difficult decision, regardless of your career choice. You have to be sure that it is a financially sound one. Educators have advised would-be students to use a calculation method called Net Present Value to decide that.

It involves two factors. The first factor denotes how much you’d pay to go to school. That includes the cost of any loan, the decrease in income, etc. The second factor is the amount of future revenue you’ll be earning. Provided that you may earn in another currency, you’d also have to consider if the dollar’s price may alter in the future or not.

You can use an NPV calculator online or the one that is available on MS Excel, by using the NPV function. We’d recommend applying a standard of five to eight years into the future for accurate results.

Going back to school is a risky decision, and it involves both pros and cons. You need to identify your priorities and passion in order to make the right choice. But if you think you’re stuck in a rut when all you want to do is to pursue your dream degree, we can help. Choose the right programs and classes today with just a bit of guidance!

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