Computer And IT Degrees: Which Should I Choose?

With our society’s growing dependence on electronics and media, it is clear that a degree in Computers and Information Technologies is a strong choice for a promising future. However, when you look into Computer and IT degrees, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. In this article, we will look into the various types of Computer and IT degrees offered today, so you have a place to start your decision making process while you move toward the workforce.

Associate’s Degrees

Associate’s Degrees are a great option for those who are just entering the field of Computers and IT, as the programs can be completed quickly. They are also often offered online, which can be beneficial for non-traditional college students. You can earn an associate’s degree in about two years from a Community College or Technical School.

Degrees Available:

Typically, Associate’s Degree carry the broad major of “Computers And Information Technology.” You may, however, be able to earn a degree with a concentration in a more specific field within computers and IT.

Topics Taught:

In your classes, you study topics such as programming, security, networking, and operating systems. You would also be required to take various general courses for your Associate’s Degree essentials.

Career Options:

With this degree, you would be prepared to work in entry-level Computer and Information Technology careers. Some job titles you may be able to hold include Computer Support, Software Trainer, Web Developer, and Computer Repair Technician.

What You Should Know About Associate’s Degrees:

Even though this is the lowest level of degree offered in the field, you can receive high quality jobs after graduation. You may want to seek out additional certifications, such as a Microsoft Certification, to receive higher pay. Your classes will give you the knowledge you need for certifications, and you can earn them on your own after graduation.

Bachelor’s Degrees

If you are able to spend a few more years in school and want to access higher positions and higher pay in your future career, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Technology may be the right choice for you. These degrees take around four years to complete if you attend school full-time.

Degrees Available:

Bachelor’s Degrees in the Computer and IT field typically come with more precise majors. In all of the degrees in the field, you will begin by learning the basics. However, you will also choose a major from the start that allows you to graduate within a specialized area. Bachelor’s Degree majors include Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology Software Engineering, Game Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Web design, Robotics, Digital Forensics, and more.

Career Options:

After you graduate, your career possibilities will be dependent on the major you studied. For example, if you majored in Computer Engineering, you could get a job as a Computer Engineer after graduation. With a Bachelor’s Degree, you can choose to either start in entry-level positions, or apply directly to higher-level careers.

Topics Taught:

The topics taught in Bachelor’s Degrees again depend on the major you choose. However, you will also need to take courses in general studies. You will be taught Computer and IT basics with any Bachelor’s Degree as well.

What You Should Know About Bachelor’s Degrees:

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to majors, and these majors play a significant role in your future career. The highest paying majors in Computer and Information Technology are typically Engineers. Computer Programmers, Computer Science, and Information Systems Managers often report top-end wages as well. Cyber Security workers are currently in high demand.

Master’s Degrees And Ph. D.’s

Master’s Degrees and PH.D.’s are both offered in the area of Computers and Information Technology. However, these are not degrees that you can complete directly after high school. You must complete your Bachelor’s Degree before applying to a Master’s program, and you must complete a Master’s program before applying to work toward your Ph. D.

These programs are meant to be completed by working professionals who are looking to advance to higher positions and receive higher pay for the work they do. Master’s Degrees typically take two years to complete. The time to complete Ph. D.’s vary, but they typically take between 4 and 8 years to finish.

Degrees Available:

Both Master’s Degrees and Ph. D.’s are offered in a wide variety of specialized areas within Computers and Information Technology. These degrees are meant to be completed to advance your current career, so you would most likely study the field that you work in and want to advance in.

Career Options:

Many specialized careers in the field of Computers and IT have a Master’s program or Ph. D. to match. Some of these career areas include Networking, Databases, Cybersecurity, Cyber Learning, Computer Systems, Bioinformatics, Engineering, and more.

Topics Taught:

Master’s Degrees and Ph. D. programs teach extremely specific information related to their majors. Because of this, every program has a significantly different schedule of courses required.

What You Should Know About Master’s Degrees And Ph. D.’s:

Higher education degrees are challenging, but your hard work will pay off in a short amount of time. It is estimated that individuals in the Computer and IT field with a Master’s Degree earn 38% more than their coworkers who only hold a Bachelor’s Degree. That percentage goes up even further with a Ph. D.

A career in the Computer and Information Technology field can be challenging, rewarding, and result in high salary. If you’re interested in earning a degree in this field, first choose the schooling level you feel ready to complete. Next, choose the career you’d like to hold after you graduate. Keep your passions, as well as career benefits, in mind. Remember that you can always move up to a higher degree later on. By following these guidelines, you will be able to choose the Computer and IT degree that is right for you.


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