Job Search Pitfalls To Avoid

Looking for a new job is frustrating to put it mildly. The job search market changes constantly and candidates must keep up with current trends to find success. To increase your odds, here are two pitfalls in the current job market to avoid.

Go Beyond the Online Application
A majority of candidates use job search websites to research and apply for positions. The repetitive ritual of click, cut, paste, upload then clicking submit. The resume disappears forever into a dark digital abyss. Using only employment sites to apply for positions works against a candidate since 80% of job are not posted on employment sites.

A survey showed that 85% of jobs are filled by networking. The total talent market was represented by unemployed, employed (actively looking) and employed (passively looking) groups. But overall networking was more effective then applying for positions online.

Colleges and universities are great locations for students to begin networking. Speaking with fellow students and professors opens the door to referrals and meaningful connections. Start with family and friends. Also, networking sites like LinkedIn and Meetup are available as well.

ATS or “The Resume Death Trap”
Applying for every job using the same resume is ineffective. Applicant Tracking software is being used by 40% of employers to pre-screen or pre-select candidates. This software has the ability to filter resumes based on keywords and job duties taken from the job description. When applying to online jobs, candidates should include keywords to increase the resumes chances of passing the systems filtering process.

Regardless of using a job search website or networking, job hunting is about strategy. If nothing else, stay updated on current trends provide a great resume and build a large network. With time and perseverance, you will succeed.

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