7 Secrets to Getting Financial Aid (Don’t Miss No.5!)

Having the money to pay for college can be the difference between getting your dream education or not.

So figuring out a way to fund your education is a must.

With the 7 secrets you’re about to discover, you’ll help pay for your dream degree!

1.Fill out the FAFSA

The first step towards receiving financial aid is to fill out the FAFSA!

The form opens the doors to all kinds of financial aid… including Pell Grants, financial need scholarships, and other special types of loans.

The FAFSA is the no.1 MUST DO when it comes to getting financial aid.

Bonus: we’ve created a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the FAFSA

2. Explore your options

There are 100s of financial aid options out there.

Grants, fellowships, REUs, work-study, and tons of other programs to help you put money in your pocket while studying

Check out our must-see financial aid resources for more info

3. Have a system

Applying for college and financial aid can feel like you’re going in 100 different directions at once!

You need a system. Use a planner or calendar app to keep track of deadlines, and get into a routine of blocking off some time each week to apply.

4. Apply for scholarships

You don’t have to be a valedictorian or have outstanding academic achievements to get a scholarship.

There are tons of scholarships out there, and many of them have nothing to do with grades!

Want to find your scholarship? Check out our scholarships page.

5. Check your income

Your income is one of the main deciders when it comes to financial aid. The lower it is, the more likely you’ll be eligible for this type of assistance.

If you’re 24 or older, serving in the military, or meet certain other criteria, make sure you’re listing yourself as an independent student. Otherwise it can cost you $1000s.

6. Keep your degree type in mind

The financial aid available for a four-year degree is totally different to associate’s degrees and certificate programs.

Save yourself a lot of time and effort by seeking out aid programs specific to the education you’re pursuing.

Take a look at all the degrees available to you today

7. File EVERY year – and do it on January 1st

Most people think it’s one and done when it comes to applying for financial aid. This is a big mistake!

Apply for financial aid every year. And do it on January 1st. Even if you’ve been approved or rejected in previous years. Because situations change. And so does you eligibility.

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