Your “How-To” guide for job search

If you thought graduating from college was hard work, now comes the really tough part: finding a job. Searching for a job can be a stressful experience if you aren’t prepared, which is why it is so crucial to begin your prep for the real world while you are still in college. By following our tips, your search for a career will be efficient and ultimately successful.

Don’t Be Afraid of Internships
While you may view an internship as a required thing to complete before graduation, you should be viewing it as a unique opportunity. Internships are excellent ways to gain experience in the workforce as well as to obtain a glimpse into a potential field you are interested in. They are also valuable experiences that could turn into full-time work.

Many companies recognize all of the knowledge you gain in an internship, and they view that as one less person they have to train when considering candidates for a position

. If you treat your internship like a career, it might just turn into exactly that.

Utilize In-College Opportunities
The preparation for the big career search can, and should, actually begin when you are still taking college classes. There are so many resources available on campus for college students, and yet they are often highly underutilized.

Your advisor will be a great starting point, as it is part of their job to educate you on and share all of the benefits that are right next door

. Most college campuses have career development centers, which provide you with resume tips, example interview questions, and mentors to guide you in this new journey.

Never Underestimate a Google Search
Sometimes a simple search in your favorite web browser is all you need to begin your career hunt. While web searches can provide you with an overwhelming amount of information and resources, it is important to make sure you are relying on reputable resources to help you look for jobs.

There are many great websites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and even LinkedIn, that are updated constantly with new positions and are trusted by even the top national and international companies

. By starting these searches early, you will not only be familiar with the various resources, but you will also know what most companies require for application materials and references.

Be Realistic
Finally, it will be important to be realistic as you search for careers. A job with a large sign-on bonus or promising starting salary may not turn out to be a great opportunity long-term, so it is vital that you apply for jobs that will be fulfilling to you. Also, the job of your dreams may not offer an insanely huge salary, but could provide plenty of chances for growth and promotions, as well as be something you are passionate about.

Beginning your search for the job of your dreams is an exciting time that serves as the starting point of a big transition from college to career. As you go on this journey, it is important to consider Internships, utilize resources that are provided by your college, take advantage of online websites and companies, and be realistic about job requirements and starting salaries. By following all of these tips, you are sure to have a positive experience while searching for the career of your choice!

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