Discover, Theorize, Implement: A World of Math and Science

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never has never tried anything new.”-Albert Einstein

Obtaining a college degree is a huge accomplishment that requires a ton of time and energy. While you want to earn a diploma in a field you are passionate about, you also want to make sure that you will be able to get a job once you graduate. As you think about college programs that will be the most beneficial, those in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math definitely top the list. Job within these programs prove to have high employment rates and strong starting salaries, and the potential for growth and collaboration among different fields is astounding. As these fields continue to grow, the need for educated graduates will only continue to increase. We have put together a list of the top three programs in the field of math, science, and technology.
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In this era of Big Data, more and more jobs require statistical literacy and skills in data analysis. Jobs for statisticians are expected to grow an astounding 27 percent by 2022.

While statistics may seem like a narrow field with limited job opportunities, it is actually a very large program with a huge assortment of career opportunities, and it tops our list of best STEM jobs. Statisticians are aimed with the task of using data to ultimately make decisions. They must determine what data is needed, how they will collect it, how the required experiments will be designed, how the data will be analyzed, and how the conclusions will be reported.

The program of statistics is the number one on our list as it will continue to grow as data and technology become increasingly complex and necessary. It can also be applied to a vast range of other fields, requiring strong collaboration with other professions such as those in public safety, healthcare, computer sciences, and business.

Computer Science

In 2016, 16,870 students graduated with a major in computer science and 26,200 students graduated in computer information systems, according to College Factual.

Jobs within the computer science program are the second on our list. Within this program, computer system analysts are experiencing a rapid rate of need, making it an excellent job choice if you are looking in the areas of STEM. Computer systems analysts combine their knowledge of technology and business to better computer processes and systems for their clients. They research the best technologies available and determine how they will benefit companies’ overall system in order to run more effectively.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 21 percent employment growth in the next ten years.

If you are in a computer sciences program, you can expect to work a lot with technology and software. However, don’t depend on only working with computers as there is also a lot of collaboration involved in this field. Computer system analysts work with people in all kinds of professions, including design firms, healthcare, finance, and banking. The demand for these positions will only continue to increase as businesses become more reliant on information technology.
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The third program on our list is, you guessed it, engineering. As with computer science, the need for jobs in the field of engineering is only going to continue to increase as we become more and more dependent on technology and software.

Some of the top majors within engineering programs are:

  • Biomedical
  • Petroleum
  • Industrial
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Architectural

The specific jobs available for engineers will depend on the focus that you have, but all careers in engineering have higher salaries and employment rates than the national average.

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