How Technology is Helping Students and Teachers Streamline Education Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Technology helping education amid covid-19

The Corona virus pandemic has been plaguing the globe for months. Technology is helping education amid Covid-19 to overcome negative impacts all over the world . Nowadays, schools are introducing technology in new and innovative ways to assist students in learning & adapting better to this virus-induced chaos.This article will explore how technology helps education work more smoothly and keeps kids engaged despite disruptions from viruses like SARS or MERS. We’ll also discuss what technology solutions schools are implementing to keep their classrooms running smoothly and the benefits they see from these changes.

So without further ado, let’s delve in and learn how technology in education is helping students & teachers alike amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Ways How Technology Is Revamping Academic Excellence During COVID 19

Post Covid-19 era has changed most of the things by miles. While people are performing social distancing, education is revamping as well.  Let’s take a look at the ways how technology is helping education amid Covid-19:

Conducting Classes Through Live Sessions

Today 70 percent of the students cannot attend school and are dependent on technology tools to adapt to a live session streaming.Technologies like Zoom, Edmodo, Skype, or Google Hangouts are used to conduct lessons.

Schools and teachers rely on such technology to provide the best possible education for all students. However, without taking them away from classroom dynamics. Students also use technology tools like note-taking apps like Evernote, technology for homework, and research like Google Drive or email to communicate with their teachers.

The idea is that technology should help get the best out of a student’s education. However, without taking them away from face-to-face interaction in classrooms. One study revealed that those using technology as part of their education saw an increase of 50 percent participation and 85% engagement.


Personalization to Better Understand Students

Today, technology has made it easy to conduct online classes. It also helps in the way students learn to give them a personalized education experience. That help best suits their needs and learning style.

One technology tool teachers have found helpful for this purpose are adaptive quizzes. These provide prompts based on what they know about each student as they work and adjust. These test depending on how well they do.

This technology helps to personalize instruction by assisting teachers to know more about their students’ strengths and weaknesses. That is to better tailor education for each student’s needs.

Technology enhances the connection between students and their teachers and creates a more personalized environment.


TECHNOLOGY – Better Way to Communicate!

While there are multiple resources on the Internet, the pandemic has given rise to numerous free communication tools. One such technology is Skype, which lets teachers and students talk to each other in real-time.

Schools have used this technology to stay in touch and provide lessons without having the students miss out.Teachers have also used Skype technology to conduct live sessions with their classes while they’re on leave from work or school, which is excellent for those who need to rest during periods of high demand due to COVID 19.

Technologies like Skype & Zoom allow teachers to set clear goals for their students & stay in touch with them whenever they need their assistance.Teachers can plan tasks, create a link on technology platforms like Edmodo or Google Drive and send them on Skype to give students a head start.


TEchnology helping Teaching Methods

Innovative technology-based teaching methods help schools as a way to keep students engaged.One technology in education used is augmented reality technology that helps students visualize and explore concepts in a complete way.

Teachers can now create their augmented reality lessons and share them with their students using software tools like Google Expeditions.The Google Expedition has been used to help teachers visualise concepts that are hard to comprehend, which is excellent for a technology-based education.

Another software that has helped teachers better educate their students during the pandemic is technology-based teaching tools like Kahoot. Kahoot is a game platform that lets teachers create interactive and collaborative games for their students. Playing games that are tailored to deliver a much better learning experience for students and perform in better way.


Introduction to Learning Management Systems

The definition of a learning management system (LMS) is a technology-based system that ties together multiple resources and provides an environment for teaching. An LMS can provide students with personalized learning, allowing the teachers to understand each student’s needs better. It also combines traditional content like textbooks with interactive digital materials such as video lectures or presentations from experts in the field.

The technology-based learning system also allows teachers to monitor their students and track progress over time. This is great because it creates an environment of accountability for both students and teachers alike. LMS also serves as a platform that lets teachers post their courses or lessons online, becoming available to the public.

For example, edX is a technology-based learning management system that lets anyone enroll in college-level classes for free. Also, provides students with an experience similar to being at a university. Other online technology-based programs like Coursera let you learn about different subjects without the high cost of tuition or fees associated with a college or university.

Many education systems are making use of LMS technology to provide their students with more personalized learning.


A fine and healthy environment provided to students today will drastically changes the educational scenario for tomorrow. Technological advancement in Educational walk will go by far due to this global epidemic. If you’re interested in learning more about how technology is helping education amid Covid-19 for educators and students alike. Feel free to explore My Degree blogs. Which one of these topics has piqued your interest? We would love to hear back from you.