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140 million cases have been reported since the pandemic began. The global death toll from the coronavirus surpassed 3 million people. Approx. 1.2 billion students have switched to remote learning. They have to follow SOPs strictly if they have to attend some educational events. Cases are soaring again as the third wave has attacked across the globe. No one knows when this terrible pandemic will die down. Campus study has become a dream for students. Since there is no choice, digital learning is the only best way to help students continue their study and current education practices. This is how the education sector manages to calm the storm for students amid coronavirus. Thanks to education technology, universities and several K-12 school districts have only been able to adopt remote learning since the technology has advanced significantly in the last couple of years.



In this pandemic, governments, technology providers, educators, public and private companies, and publishers are building partnerships to find a temporary solution for students. To keep students on the path of non-stop learning, China introduced a remote programme, in which students from primary grade received their study material on national TV. Similarly, Pakistan, with collaboration of other private institutions, has also launched a ‘Tele School’ an Education TV for Students to gain online quality education.

All subjects are taught there at a specific time, just like it happens in school, students follow a specific timetable. This may not give a high level of desirable result yet a large number of students must be taking advantage of such steps carried out by Governments. Main drawback is ‘not having a control over it, so Zoom and other online portals giving online conferences and classes facilities got an edge in terms of freedom and getting involved lively during meetings and classes.


Technology education is a blessing in disguise

Technology has become a key factor in terms of education delivery. Though students can learn something new or broaden their knowledge in a variety of ways, ‘online courses and certifications’, ‘watching video tutorials’ on you tube, online education software, getting learning material etc, innovation in education technology keep coming rapidly, not only filling the vacuum of pandemic, but also transferring world into the digital learning.


A sigh of relief for learners

The objectives and goals of educational technology are process-oriented. Educational technology is used to provide in-depth assistance in the growth of an individual’s personality, rather than only teaching and learning methodologies and theories. Traditional brick-and-mortar institutions lack such a great advantage that technology provides. Now wonders of technology in education delivery are around us, giving a sigh of relief to learners around the globe. Advance training modules, virtual libraries & laboratories, and interesting video lessons have empowered students by giving them a simpler and clearer comprehension of their tasks.


Technology wonders

Edtech companies facilitate schools, colleges, universities and other educational departments by providing virtual classes, learning management systems, e-learning materials, computer-aided assessment systems etc. At the same time, they handle an influx of users from all over the world on their platforms. Education companies serve millions of students as a lifeline. Initially, many things came up as just an experiment. It has the potential to be the future education. Remote learning has a long way to go before it becomes the norm around the world. However, this pandemic has taught us what is possible. They have created a world in which everything is possible. Edtech companies have also opened advanced avenues for students. With each passing day, new technologies are making their way into people’s lives. With the growing requirements of technological innovation within the learning segment, there has been a significant increase of the number of providers for EdTech services.

Education Technology Top companies

  • Blackboard provides a variety of online tools and platforms.
  • Coursera offers courses, certificates, specializations and degrees.
  • Udemy is a leader in remote learning platforms. 50 million people learn from over 150,000 courses
  • Cisco Systems offers a platform of Digital Education, connecting schools and provides virtual classrooms.
  • Instructure provides a cloud-based learning management, called Canvas.
  • Pearson offers a variety of education technology products such as ‘Learning Studio’, ‘OpenClass’, and ‘Badges’.
  • Samsung Electronics offers mart education products and provides remote learning for the classroom.
  • Dell Technologies offers smart education solutions for schools.
  • Adobe Systems offers a smart education and e-learning market.
  • Discovery Communications offers professional development, multimedia content and digital books.
  • Echo360 provides a video training portal available by over 500 international institutions.
  • Fujitsu presents a wide range of technology services aiming to serve the education industry.
  • Jenzabar offers a virtual campus solution to over 1200 schools across the world.
  • IBM offers consulting solution services to K-12 and higher education.


Innovations in education

The Digital revolution led to the huge transformation of many sectors and domains. With the advent of digital technology, learning has acquired a new significance. ‘Cloud’, ‘mobility’, ‘IoT’, and ‘virtual reality’, among other innovations, are preferably in use in educational institutions and universities to improve the quality of education for students. Through artificial intelligence, educators have dealt with a myriad of challenges of E-learning. There is no end of new technologies in all sectors including education.


The future of online education

Not long ago, we were made to believe that remote education is not the best option especially for education. Today, observing the situation, we firmly believe that distance learning is going to become an integral part of acquiring education. Students are now preparing themselves to navigate both the physical and virtual worlds effectively in order to cope with potential disruptions. Online learning has changed things in such a way that it has become the need of the hour.

Healthy competition amongst companies

Although much about the future remains unknown, post-pandemic aspirations are largely dependent on schools’ changing situation for digital learning. A healthy competition is being witnessed amongst reputed educational companies providing online Education.

When the pandemic will no longer be around, the model of study might have revolutionized to such a level that instead of going back to their class rooms, students might be watching live-streaming lessons as we are speedily leading towards a technology based life and EdTech is becoming an indispensable part of our life. In the coming days, Technology will extend its role maintaining physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health of students.