3 Ways Online Classes Will Keep You From Going Stir Crazy During Self-Isolation

Who would have thought confinement within the four walls of our house in an emergency would be our last resort? Nobody could even fathom a situation where we’d suddenly go into self-isolation. Today, most of us are living life while practicing social distancing for our own safety. But, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. It is important that we think intuitively and creatively to maintain our sanity. And online classes may be just the thing students like yourself need – but more on that later.

Online Classes

For some, the idea of self-isolation may seem like a blessing in disguise. Sure, for them, there could be no better way to de-stress in these uncertain times. However, for outgoing and proactive souls, the whole concept seems bizarre. It is common for people to report feeling ‘stir crazy’ when confined in one place for too long. However, it is up to us to find ways to stimulate our minds with things that interest us.

Mental health is of utmost importance at all times. Do you now realize how a mental health degree can help you make a difference in yours as well as the life of others?

A sure-fire way to do so is to keep yourself immersed in online classes.

The Concept Of Online Classes

The concept of distance learning is not a new one and has been around since time immemorial. It’s just that now we have gotten the time to explore the viability of this platform due to the coronavirus pandemic. The way the healthcare scenario continues to deteriorate globally is the reason for the sudden closure of schools, colleges, and universities. This, in turn, has left the education sector with no other option but to disseminate information virtually.

The semester has to go on, all the while keeping the safety of the students and teachers in mind. Come to think of it, online classes may actually help us stay active. The stats are crazy and say volumes about how the spread of COVID-19 is affecting the education sector. As per data from the United Nations, 290 million students are experiencing a disruption in their study patterns due to the closure of schools in 13 countries.

How Are Online Classes Helping During COVID-19?

If we implement them carefully, online learning can make education more affordable, accessible, and student-centric. It may not be the ideal solution to replace real-time, face-to-face classes. But it is definitely worth giving a shot! After all, they are your only way to stay connected to your academic routine and prevent you from going stir-crazy.

If you are transitioning from college into a career, online classes would be a great way to juggle between all your commitments.

Here are three ways online classes can help you retain your focus even in self-isolation:

Connecting You To The Global Economy

Amongst all the chaos and the anarchy, you’ll find institutions offering online courses in various domains and fields for free. Enrolling in a few can connect you to a plethora of opportunities across the globe. This excellent chance is a great time to polish your soft and technical skills alike and not let your learning stop at any cost. With technology developing at an unprecedented rate, staying connected with internationally accredited courses can increase your general knowledge drastically.

Helping In Bridging The Skills Gap

Online classes are also a great way to help target those areas of your skill-set that you have been lacking. With the fast-paced nature of life, we hardly get time to evaluate ourselves and work on our self-development critically. But now, with some extra time on our hand, we can research the most sought-for skills by employers. We can work on our existing skill-set and better our chances of landing a job. Make the best use of this time to bridge the gap between you and your dream job!

Now is the time that you ask yourself, are you on the right career path?

Keeping You Productive

Imagine having nothing to do besides eating, sleeping, and binge-watching your favorite show? Wouldn’t you feel like pulling your hair after a few days? Indeed, online classes are giving thousands of students across the globe some hope during the pandemic. The reassurance that they won’t be compromising their studies is what most students need right now.

The Show Must Go On!

Education and attending classes at our respective educational institutes are major parts of our life. Online classes are a good way to stay connected and can actually help return us to our usual schedules. After all, we can’t give up our entire routines and expect not to feel stir-crazy. In reality, maybe we are even living the future in the present.

Technology is going to totally revamp the way we acquire degrees by the year 2030, and this might just be the beginning. The coronavirus is definitely putting online methods of teaching to the test. One such platform is ‘Century Tech,’ that Priya Lakhani founded. She immediately began using it to provide free access to this AI-driven learning platform for schools during the outbreak.  But that is just one way through which everyone around the globe can benefit from tech-driven methods in these trying times.

Wondering what else the AI Economy has in store for us? Go have a read!

In short, here is what we recommend:

  • Kick-start your day by getting dressed as if you are headed to your school, college, or university.
  • Do not let procrastination get the better of you. After all, your mental health and the continuity of your studies are in your hands.
  • Consider signing up for an online course of your interest yet.
  • And, while self-isolation may be depressing and make for an uneventful time, we are here to offer our career counseling services to help you stay on top of your needs. So, think about that too.

Come what may, we stand by you to help you make well-informed decisions regarding your careers and lives. Get in touch!